Lawrence Election Results

The ballots for the election on January 9th have been tallied and the results are in!

2018 Lawrence Committee:
President: Sarah James
Vice President: Emilce Santana
Secretary: Ran Zhang
GSG Representative: Joshua Bauchner
Garden Coordinator: Sam Richter
Social Chair: Amitesh Datta
Webmaster: Ruth Dannenfelser

Candidacy Statements for 2016 Lawrence Committee Elections

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1. Allison Chaney:
My name is Allison Chaney and I am running for the position of President.  I have served on the Lawrence Committee for three years: two years as Garden Coordinator, and one year as Social Chair.  In these positions, I have advocated for new methods of communicating with residents, including creating a garden mailing list and initiating monthly single-question polls.   With the help of the current committee, I have drafted and submitted a proposal for funds for regular classes (e.g., yoga) to be taught at Lawrence.  I have also occasionally led our committee meetings in the absence of our current President, who is graduating.  If elected, I would do my best to understand the needs of Lawrence residents and communicate them to the administration.  I will also work with the other committee members to assist them in their roles.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Vice President

1. Burcin Cakir:
My name is Burcin Cakir and I am running for the Vice President position. I really enjoy being a part of the Lawrence community and serve the residents as a member of the committee. I am the current Vice President, and in the past, I had a chance to serve in both the Secretary and the Vice President positions. Being on the committee has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. It helped me to involve with the community and contribute to the decisions/discussions that have been brought up in our monthly meeting. I hope to continue as Vice-President next year too, and use the experience I have had so far to improve our community. Thank you for your consideration and support.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
GSG representative

1. Xiaoyu Tang:
I’m Xiaoyu Tang, the current GSG representative of the Lawrence Committee and would like to continue to serve on this position. For the past year of being GSG representative, I have promoted the smoking ban in all Lawrence buildings upon requests by some of the residents. As the nature of the GSG representative, I acted as a liaison between the residents and relative bodies in the school to communicate opinions back and forth: brought up the smoking issues reported by residents, brought back administraters’ need to make a decision, did the poll to see what’s the opinion of the broader residents community, reflected the situation to both GSG and the housing advisory board. The university is finally convinced to have smoking ban being the interest of the community and the residents will enjoy a smoke-free home. I attended GSG and housing advisory board meetings every month to convey new plans discussed to the residents and brought the requests of the residents to the university. In the meanwhile, I also helped the social chair to organize events throughout the year to bring residents together and to build a community sense. Serving one year on this position helps me gain enough experience to communicate between different bodies in the university and serve the community well. I would like to continue the service and I believe I can do a better job! Thanks for your consideration!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1. Lauren Anllo:
My name is Lauren, and I running for the position of Secretary. I am a graduate student resident of Lawrence, and I have served as the Secretary for the Lawrence Committee for the past year. During my time as Secretary, I have increased the efficiency of e-mail communications between the Committee and residents: providing reminders about meetings, notifications of social events, information about community resources such as snow shovels and our parking lot, and individual communications with residents who have concerns. I think the interaction that I have maintained with the Lawrence residents has helped to create community by making our social events more widely publicized, and by keeping residents informed about issues concerning our apartment complex. I also have kept very detailed minutes from our committee meetings, which concisely but clearly describe any issue that was discussed to keep track of committee records, and to inform residents who are not able to attend the meetings.

If re-elected for the coming year, I intend to continue to tailor communications between the committee and residents as the community desires; the goal is to maximize communication in an honest and efficient way that does not burden e-mail readers. I also plan to continue to keep informative meeting minutes, which will maintain our committee’s records and thus inform us when addressing common or continuing issues.

I look forward to the possibility of working with the Lawrence Committee again in the coming year, and I greatly appreciate your consideration of my candidacy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Social Chair

1. Joseph Vella:
My name is Joseph Vella and I’m currently a 4th year graduate student in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. I am currently running for Social Chair for the Lawrence Committee. I’ve lived in Lawrence apartments for the past 3 years and would love to become more involved in the community. I already have experience in servicing my department as a class representative since September 2012. With this role, I’ve held many leadership responsibilities such as setting up department BBQs and social hours, meeting with faculty candidates, and organizing our annual Graduate Student Symposium. I’m eager to extend my service to the housing community I’m a part of. I believe that Social Chair would be an appropriate position for me because it would allow me to learn more about the Lawrence community government and bring together members of the Lawrence community. If elected, I promise to organize fun events to foster a strong sense of community.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Web Master

1. Julia Wittes:
My name is Julia Wittes and I am running for Lawrence committee webmaster. I have lived in Lawrence since June. I love living here and look forward to helping the committee to be even more effective at communicating information to residents. I also look forward to advocating for residents and helping to plan events as a member of the Lawrence committee. I have a good deal of experience doing student advocacy work from serving three terms on the Princeton Graduate Student Government (GSG) Executive Board, as Secretary and then as Facilities Chair. As a member of student government, I successfully wrote a proposal and advocated for Weekend Circulator bus service, Chaired the Provisional Lakeside Committee, helped in the development of the Frist Summer Cookout Series, and advocated for the creation of the Lakeside Hardship fund to compensate some Lakeside residents whose moves were delayed last year due to construction delays.

I have built and maintained two websites using WordPress, the platform used to build the Lawrence committee website, and am confident that I can continue to maintain the site and make upgrades to make it more informative to residents. In particular, I would like to take new photos of empty and/or furnished examples of apartments on the website, so that new and prospective residents can have more information about what the apartments will look like and how they can be furnished. Thank you for considering my candidacy and I hope that I can earn your vote.

2. Mai Yamaguchi:
My name is Mai Yamaguchi, and I would like to contribute to the Lawrence community by taking part in the Committee as Webmaster. I am currently a third year in the Art History Department, and this is my second year living in Lawrence. If elected, I will make sure to keep the website up-to-date and easy to use. In addition to posting Meeting Minutes, I will post information circulated through email on the website so that you don’t have to go rummaging through your email inboxes. I have written and maintained several blogs before, and am confident that I will be able to keep the WordPress site looking nice. As a member of the Lawrence Committee, I look forward to helping out other members in organizing events as well. Thank you for your consideration.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Garden Coordinator

1. James Park:
My name is James Park, and I am running for garden coordinator of Lawrence apartments. I am a third year graduate student in the Chemistry department and have been a Lawrence resident since the summer of 2015. I have been having a great time living here so far, and it is clear that the Lawrence Committee has been making changes to improve the community. I would like to be a part of that committee to further assist in the changes to help the residents. I have attended most of the monthly committee meetings since I moved here. I have expressed my concern of the overly crowded Saturday Shopper line since the merging of two lines with Lakeside opening. This issue was later resolved that year by increasing the number of buses. I noticed how every opinion from the resident was well-incorporated for any changes and improvement for the community, and I would like to be part of that committee.

I have recently taken an increased interest in gardening. In my office, I have been planting and growing various plants adopted from previous members of the group or started from seeds. I would like to apply my love of gardening to maintaining the garden in Lawrence apartments. I am planning on making the garden more accessible to those who are interested while ensuring that the plants will not be stolen or damaged. By serving as the garden coordinator, I hope to continue improving the garden and promoting it as a proud property of the Lawrence community. Thank you for considering me as a garden coordinator.

2. Sarah James:
My name is Sarah James, and I am running for the position of Garden Coordinator. I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in Sociology and Social Policy and have lived in Lawrence since the summer of 2012. As your garden coordinator, I would work to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to garden in a protected space with ample supplies. Having a plot in the Lawrence garden was a highlight of my summer last year, and I hope to spread this enthusiasm (and the chance to grow so many tasty things!) to others in our community. In addition, as a member of the Lawrence Committee I would collaborate with other members to facilitate the events and services most beneficial to our residents. I am excited about this opportunity to serve the community that I have very much enjoy being a member of for these last few years.

Lawrence Committee Elections

Current Candidate Statements:


1. Dmitriy (Dima) Gorenshteyn
My name is Dima and I am the current GSG Representative for the Lawrence community. This year I am running for the position of Lawrence Committee President. I firmly believe in the value of graduate student representation; active representation ensures that the university is aware of our needs as a graduate student community. For the past two years I have served as liaison between the Lawrence community and the GSG, I have diligently listened and voiced the needs and concerns of the Lawrence residents. In addition, I represent the graduate student community by holding membership on the Graduate Student Housing Advisory Board as well as the Career Services Advisory Board. As President of this committee, I will use my knowledge and experience to facilitate a clear communication of the needs of Lawrence residents by ensuring that our community is thoroughly represented in university subcommittees. I hope to continue my membership in the Lawrence committee and I look forward to serving this community in the upcoming year. Thank you for your consideration and your support.

Vice President:

1. Burcin Cakir
My name is Burcin Cakir and I am running for the Vice President position. I really enjoy being a part of the Lawrence community and serve the residents as a member of the committee. I am the current Vice President, and in the past, I had a chance to serve in both the Secretary and the Vice President positions. As a committee member, I recorded the necessary announcements, preserved the written reports and helped them to be shared with the residents of Lawrence Apartments. I also tried to be a contact point for the suggestions/complaints of all residents, and raised them in the meetings. Based on my experience, one of the most important issues is the communication between the committee and the residents. To achieve this, with the help of our webmaster, we set up a Lawrence Facebook page to provide an informal social communication platform for the residents.


1. Lauren Anllo
My name is Lauren, and I am a current resident in Lawrence. In the past, I have served as the Molecular Biology department GSG representative, and I was actively involved with the GSG Health and Life Committee. I expressed graduate student concerns to our Princeton administrators at GSG meetings, assisted UHS with a graduate student perspective on interviewing staff members, and helped advertise health awareness events to our campus. I hope to utilize my experience with representing graduate students at Princeton to contribute to an active and enthusiastic Lawrence Committee in the coming year. It is my goal to employ my strong organizational and communication skills to being an effective Lawrence Committee Secretary.
My work ethic has always thrived on my attention to detail, preparedness, and thorough note taking. Recently, I have been conducting classroom observations for the McGraw Center on campus, which have required me to take scrupulous notes recording every interaction and behavior exhibited by students and instructors during an hour-long class period. My notes are of such quality that I am able to recall minor events in detail with the instructors when we have our post-observation meetings. If elected as Lawrence Committee Secretary, I intend to apply this detailed note-taking and organization to maintaining our records, and communicating with our Lawrence residents in a timely and effective manner. I look forward to the possibility of working with the Lawrence Committee in the coming year, and I greatly appreciate your consideration of my candidacy.

GSG Representative:

1. Tracy Liu
Hello Lawrence Community! My name is Tracy; I am a third year graduate student in Chemistry and I am excited to have the opportunity to run for GSG Representative. This position is particularly appealing to me because I believe that maintaining good lines of communication between residents and the University community plays a pivotal role in ensuring that improvements can always be made and current problems addressed. On this subject, one of my ideas to further facilitate residents’ ability to make problems known and/or submit suggestions for community improvement is looking into installing a dropbox inside the bus stop for submitting comments, as well as working with the Webmaster to set up a link on either a Facebook page or the Lawrence Community website for sending in comments/reporting problems. Both these methods provide easy methods for residents to communicate issues they would like the GSG Representative to bring up with the University community, as well as reach out to the Lawrence Committee in general so that we may address community related problems more efficiently. While I am most passionate about the role of GSG Representative, I recognize that improving our community means that each member should be eager to tackle issues and initiate improvements even outside the realm of their mandated role. That said, one project I would like to undertake with the help of my fellow committee members would be to replace the shopping carts with proper moving carts and dollies to keep in each building, which I believe would greatly facilitate the move-in/out process for residents. Finally, a few residents have already pointed out that it can be inconvenient for graduate students needing to work Saturdays to grocery shop with only a Saturday Shopper in service. Thus, I would like to suggest to the GSG that we contact Parking and Transportation about the feasibility of modifying the weekend Shopper service to include a Sunday Shopper. As a person, I am a highly proactive, responsible, and caring individual. I am the current off-ice training captain for the Princeton University Figure Skating Team, which requires me to develop a good rapport with each member of the team. Within my department, I took the initiative to contact, invite, and host seminar speakers from institutions Princeton Chemistry has never before had contact with (i.e. the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC). Thank you for taking the time to read my candidacy statement. I look forward to the having the chance to continue to improve our community!

2. Xiaoyu Tang
I’m Xiaoyu Tang, the current secretary of the Lawrence Committee and am running for the GSG representative. I’m a fourth year graduate student from MAE and have been living in Lawrence for two and half years so I have seen a lot of improvements in the community.

Serving as the secretary of the Lawrence Committee, I became more aware of the concerns residents usually have and how the Lawrence Committee helped with that. We have discussed a lot of issues, such as the wi-fi problems, shuttle schedule, and broken parts of the facilities. I was glad to see that most of the problems were effectively solved by getting our voices heard. We also planned on social events to bring the community members together to know each other and feel like a big family. Through the process, I recognized more value of Lawrence Committee and grew a lot of passion to be part of it to serve the community even better! Technically, I have been recording the minutes carefully, joined the discussion and think of the ways to solve the problems. I have a better idea of what residents care about. It’s very rewarding to make the community a better place.

Now I’d like to move forward to be a liaison between the Lawrence Committee and the GSG. First of all, I’ll speak out the needs of the residents as a whole to GSG and other appropriate external bodies. I’ll also pay attention to the issues discussed on the GSG meeting on a broader level and bring them back to the Lawrence committee and further to the residents. At the mean time, I’ll reach out to representatives in other residential communities and exchange experiences and ideas of making the community a better place. My goal is to have the voice of the residents heard and keep the residents updated with any relevant changes made in GSG and even the school. I have been the Logistic Chair for the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Princeton University, and organized the Chinese Lunch every Thursday at Campus Club, which provides delicious Chinese food to people all around the campus. I think one common character the logistic chair and GSG representative share is to be attentive to people’s needs and always make every effort to meet other’s needs. On the other hand, I’m also the co-chair of the publicity group of APGA Reunions Committee which serves to connect between the alumni community and current graduate student community in both directions and helps build the communication skills.

I’ll make full use of my passion and skills to serve the community better! Thanks a lot for your consideration!

Social Chair:

1. Allison Chaney
I have live in Lawrence since Fall 2010, and have served as Garden Coordinator for two years; I enjoyed the social aspects of working with the garden community, and am now acting as Social Chair. Between my time in both positions, I have helped the committee with numerous events, and I hope to continue as Social Chair. Most recently, I organized a pumpkin carving event in the fall and I am currently planning a study break for January. I ask for your support moving forward.


1. Sema Berkiten
My name is Sema. I am a fifth year PhD student in Computer Science Department. I have been living in Lawrence community for 4 years now and I was in the Lawrence committee as the webmaster during the last year. As a webmaster, I kept the lawrence website up-to-date, changed/upgraded the website (new location:, and created a community facebook group. I would like to continue serving as a Webmaster during the next year as well. I look forward to be a part of the committee again next year and I appreciate your support.

Garden Coordinator:

1. A.J. Riggs
As the garden coordinator, I, A.J. Riggs, would work hard to make your life easier. From my past two years gardening here and from growing up on a farm, I have the experience to keep the garden in good shape. I have a simple plan for making the Lawrence Apartment gardening experience better for everyone. In addition to the policies previously introduced to make the garden function well, I will:

1) Personally keep the weeds down in the communal pathways, around the compost bins and sheds, and in unused plots. This will make it easier to get around the garden and harder for rabbits and pests to hide. I’ll also rip out the poison ivy near around the compost bins and along the fence.
2) Reduce unused space in the garden. Last year there were many unused plots, so I will make it easier for people to have larger plots if they want and advertise the garden heavily in the spring and when new leases start in July.
3) Organize and fix the tools. I’ll make a better storage system for the tools so that they don’t get tangled up, fix up the rickety wheelbarrow, and repair all the damaged or broken tools.

I would love the opportunity to improve our garden and make it more accessible to you, so please vote for me as the new garden coordinator!

April 2013 Minutes

The folliwng issues were discussed:
(1) Wi-fi issue: Installation of permanent wi-fi setup would take place in this coming summer. Residents will be notified.

(2) Recyling: Electronic wastes (computers, keyboards, etc) will be collected in June. There might be a yard-sale around the move out period. We will contact GSG about the ways we can participate in the furniture drive in early June.

(3) Garden: Please contact Allison if you want to claim plots.

(4) Ice cream social: Tentatively, this will happen on April 25 (Thursday). Exact date will be determined in the beginning of that week.

(5) Computers in the cluster are very slow. We will contact OIT about this issue.

Hyungwon Kim
Sarah Grady,
Olivia Martel,
Dmitry Gorenshteyn,
Daniell Rowles
Andra Geana
Yavus Yetim
Dan Collins
Burcin Cakir
Allison Chaney

Elections 2010 Results

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Elections for the Lawrence Committee were held on Monday,
December 13th. Here are the results:



o   Karin McDonald (26 votes)

Vice President

o   Sevil Cakir (26 votes)


o   Jose Azar (27 votes)


o   Shuwa Xu (26 votes)

GSG Representative

o   Tao Yue (27 votes)

Garden Coordinator

o   Jakub Szefer (17 votes)

o   Robert
Cooper (11 votes)


Thank you to the election committee volunteers!

Elections 2010 – Candidates

The following candidates have been nominated for positions on the
Lawrence Committee. This list will be updated regularly until the deadline (Wednesday, December 8th at midnight). For more details about the election, please see this page.


  • Karin McDonald

Vice President

  • Sevil Cakir


  • Jose Azar

Social Chair


  • Shuwa Xu

GSG Representative

  • Tao Yue – “Tao Yue is the Computer Science department.  He has what you might say is a disproportionate amount of interest in politics, including Princeton politics.  He is particularly interested in housing policy issues, as he believes this to be one of Princeton’s greatest competitive advantages vis-à-vis peer institutions, not just in terms of recruitment, but also in the quality of student life.  Prior to moving to Lawrence, he was involved in launching the Hibben-Magie committee, and also represented Hibben-Magie on the graduate housing policy committee. He’s also attended a couple of GSG and GSG committee meetings in an unofficial role.  The residents of Lawrence may rest assured that he will bring a certain degree of experience and familiarity to the position.  Should he be elected, he will not just be someone who sits there and takes notes, but will actually be interested in the proceedings – and therefore can report back to the Lawrence committee not just a list of topics discussed, but also the significance of such policies on residents.”

Garden Coordinator

  • Jakub Szefer – “Hi, my name is Jakub and I’m a 2nd year Lawrence resident. Please vote for me as your new Lawrence Committee’s Garden coordinator to replace the excellent coordinator we have had, but who is graduating and not running again.  I have gardening experience at Lawrence and would like to expand visibility of the garden in our community.

     In addition togarden maintenance work I would like to:
        * make composting more accessible (so you don’t have to walk all the way to the garden)
        * provide more recycling options (plastic bags, #5 containers, etc.)

* work on ways to conserve water usage in our community”
     Thanks for considering to vote for me.

  • Robert Cooper –  “Hello fellow Lawrencians.  My name is Rob Cooper.  I’ve been active in the Lawrence garden and community for several years:
    –  4 years of gardening experience through flood and drought
    –  Lawrence Committee experience including attending many meetings, serving as a proxy, and helping democratize the Lawrence Constitution
    –  Active member & officer in student environmental group SURGE
I have enjoyed growing veggies and meeting many of you in the garden, but I have noticed several areas where the garden could use improvement.
    –  Weed control!  Out of control weeds make keeping up with plots too difficult.  It doesn’t need to be this way!
    –  “Watering bank:”  Gardeners should not have to choose between a green garden and a summer vacation.
    –  Make it easier to find gardening partners so busy residents can split the work and share the bounty.
    –  Community-wide:  I want to see more interesting themed events that make people actually want to stay and mingle, not just grab & run.
    –  I also want to see whether promoting energy conservation (why do we heat the attics to 80 degrees?) could help decrease our rent.
    Thanks and have a good semester!

Elections 2010, Nominations due Dec. 8th!

Elections for the 2011 Lawrence Committee will be held on Monday, December 13 at 8 pm in the Activity Room of building 14. All committee positions are open to all adult residents of the Lawrence Apartments, including spouses and partners, with the following limitations:

* Candidates must have attended at least two committee meetings.
(The election itself may be counted as one of the two meetings.)
* Candidates for president must have served on the committee for
at least one term. If no candidates meet this requirement, the position
is open to any resident who has attended at least 3 committee meetings.
* Candidates for the position of GSG representative must meet the
GSG’s requirement of being a Princeton Graduate Student.

The committee positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Social Chair, Webmaster, GSG Representative, Garden Coordinator.

To declare your candidacy, email the Lawrence Committee ( with your name, the position you are interested in, and, optionally, a one-paragraph statement. You may also email your statement separately later, or choose to give no statement. You will additionally have two minutes to address the Lawrence Residents on the election day. All positions are open for election. Please make sure you are eligible to run (please see limitations above). The names of the candidates and their statements will be posted on our website. The deadline to declare your candidacy or to change the position you are running for is Wednesday, December 8 th at midnight.

If you are not available to vote on December 13th, please send an email to, requesting an absentee ballot or electronic voting before December 12th at 8 pm.

We hope to see you on the election day,

The Lawrence Committee

Elections 2009 Results

Elections for the Lawrence Committee were held on Thursday, February 11th. Here are the results:

  • President
    • Karin McDonald (58 votes)
  • Vice President
    • Christina Hultholm (40 votes)
    • Weicheng Lian (15 votes)
  • Secretary
    • Rafael Dix Carneiro (29 votes)
    • Hani Goodarzi (27 votes)
    • Jakub Szefer (8 votes)
  • Social Chair
    • Sevil Cakir Kilincoglu (56 votes)
  • Webmaster
    • Shuwa Xu (55 votes)
  • GSG Representative
    • Serdar Selamet (41 votes)
    • Kevin Collins (16 votes)
  • Garden Coordinator
    • Maja Klosinska (36 votes)
    • Robert Cooper (23 votes)

Thank you to the election committee volunteers for running such a smooth election!

Elections 2009 – Candidates

The following candidates have been nominated for positions on the Lawrence Committee. New candidates may be nominated until February 7th. For more details about the election, please see this page.

  • President
    • Karin McDonald"Over the last year, I have enjoyed serving our community as vice president of the Lawrence Committee.  During this time, I have learned about how the committee operates to provide assistance to residents, organize enjoyable social events, and communicate with the graduate housing department to continuously help improve our lifestyle.  Given the opportunity, I look forward to applying this knowledge and serving as president of the Lawrence Committee.  Thank you for your consideration."
  • Vice President
    • Christina Hultholm – "For the past two years, I have advocated for graduate student interests, both as Chair of the Graduate Student Government (GSG) and as the Lawrence Committee delegate to the GSG. I served on the Lawrence Committee this past year, and in this role, I have had the opportunity to represent residents’ interests in the housing policy committee as well as in the GSG. I also worked with members of the Lawrence Committee to organize events for our community, such as an international food competition and a fall festival.  I hope to take a more active role in sponsoring community events in the upcoming year as Vice President of the Lawrence Committee. I am excited to work with residents to try to make a positive impact on life in our community,  and I look forward to organizing fun events for our residents. Thank you for your consideration for this position."
    • Weicheng Lian – "I am a 3-rd year economics PHD and it is my second year living here at Lawrence. The reason I want to run for the VICE PRESIDENT is that my academic background as an economic student makes me very easy to understand and handle financial issues related to the Lawrence committee, which is the majority of the responsibility delegated to the vice president and also that I have strong desire to serve in a committee representing the interest of Lawrence residents. I am a person very active and outgoing and always want to serve the public interest. I worked in the data lab at the Firestone library to help undergraduates with their junior and senior papers in the past two years, was a newsletter editor in the association of Chinese students last year, worked in the IMF as a summer economist last summer, organized a trip of 14 people to the Delaware Watergap last semester, initiated and organized a forum discussing current issues and led a session named "the recovery of the U.S. economy" recently. All these experience will help me serve in the committee. I will work hard. Believe me! Thanks for considering my candidacy!"
  • Secretary
    • Hani Goodarzi – "This is the third year that I am living in Lawrence and during these past years I have been impressed by how well the Lawrence committee is handling the everyday problems as well as organizing great social events both for student and spouses. Now that I am a fourth year graduate student with the bulk of my research already published, I have the time and resources to pay back part of this debt of gratitude by serving on this committee. If others see me fit for this position, I am ready to be an active member in the Lawrence community."
    • Rafael Dix Carneiro – "I have been regularly taking part in the Lawrence committee meetings since the beginning of the Fall, writing the committee minutes that are posted on the website. I started doing so because the current Secretary, my wife, Denise Kassab, was offered a job in Washington, DC, and hence could not attend the meetings during the week. I am seeking the position of Secretary not only because I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the committee but also because I am comfortable with the responsibilities of the position and I am certain that I can perform them well. I particularly look forward to the teamwork involved with regards to the organizing of events and meeting new people. Finally, I am positive that I will represent with much enthusiasm the interests of Lawrence residents within the University community. Thank you for considering my candidacy!"
    • Jakub Szefer – "Hi, my name is Jakub and I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the ELE department, I am also a first year resident at Lawrence apartments this year.  I am currently in charge of a Polish Language Table and of a Computer Architecture Reading Group — however, these responsibilities will end for me at the end of the spring semester and I would like to transfer my energy to another useful activity.  I am interested in
      joining the committee to be able to have some influence about the community where I live.  I am interested in the position of secretary as I think it may be a good entry position for someone just joining the Lawrence Committee.  As for my involvement, I have worked with Maja (who is the garden coordinator) on a (failed) attempt to get plastic shopping bag recycling boxes installed in the laundry rooms and also suggested
      purchase of plastic bottle recycling bins for the laundry rooms (the bins are still missing in action).  Thought my involvement with the Lawrence community has not been so fruitful so far, I hope that by being part of the committee I will be exposed to more of the behind-the-scenes activities and from them I will get new ideas and make new attempts at things which could be improved.  Thank you for reading this far and I hope you’ll consider my candidacy.
  • Social Chair
    • Sevil Cakir Kilincoglu
  • Webmaster
    • Shuwa Xu
  • GSG Representative
    • Kevin Collins – "Over the past four years, I have served on the GSG Assembly and GSG Executive Committee in several capacities, including as Politics Department representative, Transportation and Parking Committee member, Academic Affairs committee co-chair, and currently as the Parliamentary Secretary, which is functionally the vice-president of the GSG’s executive committee.  In these past roles, I’ve already served informally as an advocate for the Lawrence community, which I have called home for my entire time at Princeton. For example, in working with the Transportation and Parking Committee, I have helped develop policies and bus routes than ensure that Lawrence residents can easily get to and from campus. Now I would like to serve as Lawrence’s representative in an offical capacity. I believe that the broad and high-level experience I bring to the job give me the necessary strategic insight and advocacy skills to be the most effective champion of our friends and neighbors to the GSG and the University administration. With the looming challenges of increasing rents and shrinking housing availability, our community needs to put forward its strongest advocates to secure the best outcomes for our residents. I hope that you will entrust me with this responsibility, and ask for your vote for GSG Representative."
    • Serdar Selamet – "I have being serving as the Civil and Environmental Engineering Representative for the past year where I successfully bridged the relationship between the graduate student body of the department and the faculty members. I am readily aware for responsibilities as a liaison between the Committee and the GSG."
  • Garden Coordinator
    • Maja Klosinska – "I’m Maja, the current Lawrence Garden Coordinator and gardener.  I am a committed and active Committee member, happy to devote my time and skill to improving the garden and helping the gardeners. I’m also committed to working for the Lawrence community as a whole, helping organize fun events, and dealing with issues that arise in the complex.
      During the last year of my tenure as Garden Coordinator I have introduced many improvements aimed to enhance the gardening experience. I devoted a lot of time and energy to the maintenance of the garden. I regularly monitored the hoses and nozzles and replaced them as needed, took care of repairs, provided leaf mulch and wood chips on a regular basis. I also maintained the tools in good condition and purchased replacements for ones found broken last year – ex. a wheelbarrow, which I myself assembled. I helped organize multiple Lawrence community events. I’ve been always happy to help the gardeners with plot assignments, watering, dealing with issues and more. My most important contribution is the application for, purchase and assembly of the new CompostTwin composter, which was bought with funds from the High Meadows Foundation (Princeton Office of Sustainability). All residents are welcome to use it. The projects I would like to work on this year are purchasing a lawnmower in order to reduce the amount of weeds which grow between the plots, installing a rain barrel to cut the use of water, adding new features to the Lawrence website and organizing more fun socializing opportunities for the gardeners and the Lawrence community as a whole.
      I am an effective, committed and experienced garden coordinator who loves gardening. I would be happy to apply my knowledge (MS. in botany) and energy into making the garden even more enjoyable for the gardeners and living in Lawrence Apartments more fun for all Residents.  Thank you for considering my candidacy.
    • Robert Cooper – "Hello fellow Lawrencians.  My name is Rob Cooper and I’m running for the Lawrence Garden Coordinator.  I have been active with the Lawrence garden and community for several years, attending committee meetings and serving as a proxy.  I’ve also been active in environmentally oriented groups throughout the university such as SURGE and my department’s Sustainability Committee.  I have grown vegetables in the Lawrence garden for the past 3 years, and enjoyed meeting many of you out there.  However, I have noticed areas where the gardening experience could use improvement, and I have several ideas for how to fix it.
                    Years of rototilling and neglect for nutrients have robbed the soil of its productive capacity, and I would like to explore new methods such as winter cover crops to nourish bigger, juicier tomatoes.  The garden is also choked with weeds, which can make keeping up with a plot nigh onto impossible.  A single year of proper weed control would make future gardening far easier, with fewer weed seeds in the ground to sprout.  Third, gardeners should not have to choose between a green garden and a summer vacation; I would like to institute a “watering bank” to help residents keep their plots alive while away for a week or two.  For those who are not sure they want to commit to an entire plot I would help them find garden partners with whom to share the work and the bounty.  And finally in the even that plots are abandoned, rather than letting them die and weed over as in the past, I’d like to donate their produce to a local food bank.  Community-wise, I am a proponent of  interesting, themed events that make people actually want to stay and mingle, not just grab & run.  Thank you and have a good semester!