Princeton University

Information for Families

This page contains some useful information for families of graduate students at Lawrence. For more general questions regarding graduate family life at Princeton, please see the Graduate School’s page for family initiatives

For questions about accommodations for families in the housing draw, please see the housing website’s FAQ

Information on the Graduate School’s financial assistance program for students with children can be found here.

Involvement with Lawrence

Spouses can sign up to get on the Lawrence spouse listserv by following these instructions. Many spouses — domestic and international — can find community through the International Spouses and Partners of Princeton University Facebook group.


Some of the facilities at Lawrence are geared towards families, in particular those with children. The common room on the first floor of Building 14 houses a collection of toys suitable for children of all ages.

Playgrounds and Activities

Most Lawrence Residents utilize the playground behind Lawrence 6 and 14, next to the Garden. This is shared with Karin Court, the housing complex located behind the old Lawrence buildings. (Karin Court is not affiliated with the University.) There is a small playset in the courtyard enclosed by buildings 12 and 14. Please do not use the play area behind building 12. This area is defunct and unsafe due to golf balls that often fly in from the nearby course. Dogs are not permitted in playgrounds.

Families also utilize parks and playgrounds in the greater Princeton area. Information can be found on the Princeton, NJ recreation page. Marquand Park, located near the Graduate College, is a popular destination for many who live on campus.

During the wintertime, some Lawrence residents utilize the end of the driving range (towards Alexander) as a sledding spot.

The Princeton Public Library and YWCA are additional great sources for children’s programming.

Finally, participating in the Lawrence Garden is a great way to keep children at Lawrence engaged with nature and the community.


Residents of Lawrence fall under the jurisdiction of Princeton Public Schools. A link to their website can be found here.