Princeton University

Room Features

Lawrence Apartments consists of

  • Building 1: a 12-story high-rise with one-bedroom apartments renovated in 2005
  • Buildings 2-7: two-story buildings with two-bedroom apartments built in the 1970s
  • Buildings 8-14: multi-story new buildings with studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments built in 2002

Only Buildings 1, 10, 11, and 12 have elevators. Rooms in buildings 2-6 are pet friendly (large animals such as dogs and cats allowed), but in all other units only pets that can be humanely restricted to cages, bowls, or aquariums are permitted (no cats or dogs). All buildings are smoke-free.

Click here to view floor plans. You’ll need a NetID.

Features for All Buildings

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are located in each apartment
  • Fire alarms are located in the hallways
  • The bathrooms have ceramic tile flooring, the kitchens linoleum, and there is carpeting everywhere else
  • Telephone jacks, Ethernet ports, and cable connections are available in living rooms and bedrooms
    • See Wifi and Internet for instructions on enabling the ethernet ports
    • You must contact Verizon for phone service
    • You must contact a thirty-party provider such as xfinity for cable television ($20-$60 per month, depending on your package). You may attempt to use an indoor antenna to receive free broadcasts, but most apartments outside of the high-rise do not receive good reception. Residents are not permitted to install satellite dishes.
  • Apartments do not have washers, dryers, or dishwashers

Building 1 Features:

  • Gas kitchen ranges with ventilation hoods
  • Standard white walls
  • Residents must pay for electricity
  • Storage bins on ground floor
  • In-window AC

Buildings 2-7 Features:

  • Gas kitchen ranges
  • Residents must pay for electricity
  • Please note: These apartments do not come equipped with an air conditioning unit. You can purchase your own window AC unit and have facilities install it for you. Please make sure your AC unit is within the dimensions that will fit in these Lawrence units.
  • Storage bins in basement of Building 2

Buildings 8-14 Features:

  • Electric kitchen ranges with a ventilation hood
  • Off-white walls
  • Residents do not have to pay for electricity
  • Storage bins in building 12 — these can be unlocked with your room key
  • Central AC

Basement Storage

Residents of building 1 have storage bins on the ground floor. Residents of buildings 2-7 have a storage area in the basement of building 2. One-bedroom apartments in buildings 8-14 have an associated storage area in building 12. The University does not assume responsibility for any items stored in these locations. Depending on your policy, renter’s insurance might cover items in the storage areas.

Important storage restrictions: Storage areas are checked and emptied when the apartment is vacated. Residents are charged for the labor to remove and discard any/all items left behind. Items may not be stored in the hallways, lobbies, walkways, or the grounds of the buildings.