Princeton University

Apartment Complex Features

Common rooms: Buildings 1 and 14 have community rooms that feature televisions with DVD players. The building 14 community room also has basic cable service and a collection of toys for children of all ages. Please do not leave personal property in these rooms as they will be removed.

To reserve a common room: if you have a NetID, use the Room Management System WebApp. If you are having issues or don’t have a NetID, please email Kevin Fleming in the Housing Office.

Computer Rooms: Ordinarily, there would be two computer clusters in Lawrence, one in Building 14 and another in Building 1. The printer in Building 14 is color and the printer in Building 1 is black and white.

Due to the pandemic, it the computers have been removed from these rooms. However, it is still possible to print in in the clusters. To access the printers you can use open the doors using your apartment building key or by punching in a code. If you would like the code, check your move-in packet. Otherwise, please ask a neighbor or the Lawrence Committee for the code.  

Eating and drinking are not allowed in the computer cluster. You can learn more about how to use the printers here.

Barbecue Grills: Several picnic groves with barbecue grills and benches are located on the grounds—behind building 10, behind building 14, and behind the bike shelter in the old Lawrence complex. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and residents are responsible for providing their own charcoal and grilling supplies. Some residents in buildings 2-7 have their own grills, which they store in the grilling area behind each building. Gas grills may not be used within 10 feet of the buildings.

Community Garden: A garden is available to residents of the apartment complex. See the Garden page for more information.

Playground and Recreation Areas: A playground area is available near the garden which is shared with Karin Court, the housing complex located behind the old Lawrence buildings. (Karin Court is not affiliated with the University.) There is also a small play structure in the courtyard enclosed between buildings 12 and 14. The university does not supervise the playgrounds.Please note that dogs are not permitted in playgrounds.

Additionally please do not use the play area behind building 12. This area is defunct and unsafe due to golf balls that often fly in from the nearby course.