Princeton University


Laundry rooms are available on the ground floors of Buildings 1, 10, and 14. They are operated through via your smartphone, with apps available for Apple and for Android. The registration code is CAL6746. You can add funds to your account through the app. Costs are $0.50 per wash and $0.25 per dryer cycle.

All laundry rooms have whiteboards to enable reporting of broken machines and inter-resident communication. Please be polite.

Please leave washers open after completion of the cycle to avoid the buildup of mold. Please clean dryer filters after every load. You can do this by simply scooping out from the front of a dryer after a load.

If you encounter a broken machine, follow the following instructions

  • Make sure the issue hasn’t already been reported by checking the whiteboard
  • If you don’t see the issue, note the date, machine number, an issue description, and the fact that you have reported it on the whiteboard
  • Move an “Out of Order” magnet to the appropriate machine
  • Fill out a support form on the Caleco Website.
    • Indicate that you’re a tenant
    • Write “Princeton University Lawrence Apartments” as the name of the complex
    • Write the building number and laundry machine number. Machine numbers can be found on the laundry machines themselves.
    • Finally, write a description of your service request.

Finally, the Lawrence Committee has assigned one washing machine in each laundry room (the farthest from the door) for exclusive use with “free and clear” unscented detergent. This is to accommodate for residents — including babies or children — who may have allergic reactions to scented detergents.