Princeton University

Elections 2010 – Candidates

The following candidates have been nominated for positions on the
Lawrence Committee. This list will be updated regularly until the deadline (Wednesday, December 8th at midnight). For more details about the election, please see this page.


  • Karin McDonald

Vice President

  • Sevil Cakir


  • Jose Azar

Social Chair


  • Shuwa Xu

GSG Representative

  • Tao Yue – “Tao Yue is the Computer Science department.  He has what you might say is a disproportionate amount of interest in politics, including Princeton politics.  He is particularly interested in housing policy issues, as he believes this to be one of Princeton’s greatest competitive advantages vis-à-vis peer institutions, not just in terms of recruitment, but also in the quality of student life.  Prior to moving to Lawrence, he was involved in launching the Hibben-Magie committee, and also represented Hibben-Magie on the graduate housing policy committee. He’s also attended a couple of GSG and GSG committee meetings in an unofficial role.  The residents of Lawrence may rest assured that he will bring a certain degree of experience and familiarity to the position.  Should he be elected, he will not just be someone who sits there and takes notes, but will actually be interested in the proceedings – and therefore can report back to the Lawrence committee not just a list of topics discussed, but also the significance of such policies on residents.”

Garden Coordinator

  • Jakub Szefer – “Hi, my name is Jakub and I’m a 2nd year Lawrence resident. Please vote for me as your new Lawrence Committee’s Garden coordinator to replace the excellent coordinator we have had, but who is graduating and not running again.  I have gardening experience at Lawrence and would like to expand visibility of the garden in our community.

     In addition togarden maintenance work I would like to:
        * make composting more accessible (so you don’t have to walk all the way to the garden)
        * provide more recycling options (plastic bags, #5 containers, etc.)

* work on ways to conserve water usage in our community”
     Thanks for considering to vote for me.

  • Robert Cooper –  “Hello fellow Lawrencians.  My name is Rob Cooper.  I’ve been active in the Lawrence garden and community for several years:
    –  4 years of gardening experience through flood and drought
    –  Lawrence Committee experience including attending many meetings, serving as a proxy, and helping democratize the Lawrence Constitution
    –  Active member & officer in student environmental group SURGE
I have enjoyed growing veggies and meeting many of you in the garden, but I have noticed several areas where the garden could use improvement.
    –  Weed control!  Out of control weeds make keeping up with plots too difficult.  It doesn’t need to be this way!
    –  “Watering bank:”  Gardeners should not have to choose between a green garden and a summer vacation.
    –  Make it easier to find gardening partners so busy residents can split the work and share the bounty.
    –  Community-wide:  I want to see more interesting themed events that make people actually want to stay and mingle, not just grab & run.
    –  I also want to see whether promoting energy conservation (why do we heat the attics to 80 degrees?) could help decrease our rent.
    Thanks and have a good semester!