Princeton University


Your mailing address is:

<Building number> Lawrence Drive, Apt <apt number>
Princeton, NJ 08540

Mail is delivered Monday-Saturday, usually in the afternoon. Incoming mailboxes can be found near the main entrance to each building. In buildings 1-7, a separate key is needed for the mailbox; in buildings 8-14, the regular apartment key is used for the mailbox.

Buildings 1, 10, 11, and 12 have outgoing mail slots in the wall where the mailboxes are found. Residents of other buildings have routinely left mail near their mailbox so that the postal worker would be sure to see it. This method works but is not recommended because it offers no security. The recommended method for sending mail is to drop it off in one of the buildings with a mail slot.

Unfortunately there are no mailboxes within the Lawrence complex large enough to accept packages. You may be able to add your package to your apartment’s outgoing mail; if not, you will have to use a regular mailbox or go to the post office.


FedEx, UPS, and other mail couriers come regularly to Lawrence, but it is the responsibility of residents to ensure their packages are delivered safely. While UPS, USPS, and FedEx occasionally leave items inside, Amazon tends to leave packages outside of the building’s main door.

Please don’t order packages that you won’t be able to pick up in 24-48 hours! Some buildings have limited space in their entryway, and the package clutter may make them difficult to navigate.

Unfortunately many residents have experienced misdelivered packages, most typically when packages are delivered to the wrong building in Lawrence Apartments. Join the Lawrence Slack channels here for noting any missing packages and notifying the community if you find a package that isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

For select high-value shipments, residents have the option to ship their packages to Frist. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Due to capacity constraints residents are requested to only use this service for high-value shipments. Residents will be assigned a temporary box # which will be good only for that single package and subject to change for any future shipments they might receive.
  • To use this service, residents should email Aaron Sked ( prior to placing any orders.
  • Aaron will reply with a box number # which should be used as the ship-to address.
  • When the item is delivered, the recipient will receive an automated email instructing them to pick up the item at Frist Campus Center.
  • Should residents have any subsequent orders, they will need to speak to Aaron again to get a new box assignment.
  • Print and Mail services will monitor the volume of package delivery at Frist to ensure there is sufficient space for Frist to receive packages.