Where’s my package?

Lately there have been several incidences of Amazon packages being delivered to the wrong buildings and we are working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, if you see that a package is reported as delivered and you cannot find it, there is a good chance it was left at another Lawrence building by mistake. Check all other buildings for missing packages and report instances of mis-delivery to Amazon.

May 8 Meeting Minutes

The May meeting was the last of the 2017-2018 academic year. The Lawrence Committee does not meet over the summer and will reconvene on September 11, 2018.

Special election for garden coordinator:
Mauricio Loyola is elected to be the new garden coordinator. Welcome Mauricio!

Nicole Barkley (assistant dean for student life) and Michael Hebditch (graduate office assistant for housing) gave updates on new graduate school Lawrence coordinator recruitment and other logistic issues pertaining to move out and the coming academic year.

Social event:
Discussed ideas for the next social event, including organizing a brunch or ice cream social, and the possibility of holding a one-time yoga event on the lawn open to all residents and spouses.

In Attendance:
Sarah James
Emilce Santana
Amitesh Datta
Ran Zhang
Ruth Dannenfelser
Mauricio Loyola
Michael Hebditch
Nicole Barkley

Special Election Candidates 2018

Candidates for Garden Coordinator

Andrew Kim

No statement given

Mauricio Loyola

Would you like to grow some big and juicy tomatoes? Maybe fresh herbs for dinner? My name is Mauricio and I would love to give you a hand as the new garden coordinator.

I have participated in the Lawrence garden for three years, which gives me a good idea of what is needed and what I could do as coordinator to help new and returning gardeners.

Keeping the garden organized and with enough supplies will be my top priority. I will sharpen the tools, fix the hoses quickly when necessary, and check for holes in the fence regularly to avoid unexpected visits from cute but hungry bunnies. I would also like to increase the availability of supplies, including more compost, organic/safe pesticides, and some gardening tools for kids (families are welcome!). One idea I would like to try is an open calendar where gardeners traveling in the summer can ask other gardeners (or me) to take care of their plots while they are away.

I will continue the efforts from previous coordinators to promote community and social activities (with food and music!). I’m planning to have more open days, revitalize our Instagram account, and in due time, deploy a campaign to invite more residents to join the garden and enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of gardening (Who wouldn’t want a free stress-relieving therapy with nutritious 1-lb tomatoes?).

Outside the fence, I’m a third year PhD student in Architecture, originally from Chile. I live with my wife Carol and our many house plants.

April 10 Meeting Minutes

CSA Survey Results:

  • Based on the CSA survey 23 people are interested and 8 are willing to help; will follow up with Lakeside to discuss participation.

Garden and Special Election:

  • There are 26 slots signed up for garden. There will be a garden open house and kick-off on April 14th, including cleaning up the garden and an information session from 9am to 12pm; donuts will be provided.
  • Garden coordinator election will probably happen at the next committee meeting (May 8). Sam is in charge of the logistical procedures and more info will be sent out before the election.

Social Event:

  • Discussed ideas for the next social event this semester, options include film screening, brunch, finger painting, and ice-cream social.

Budget Reviewing:

  • Discussed the possibilities of buying new gardening tools / other common Lawrence supplies with remaining budget.

Common Room Cleanup:

  • Discussed plans to clean out Building 14 common room shelves. Removing junk and broken items (primarily electronics, videos, and the books), keeping toys and other family items.

In Attendance:

Sarah James
Emilce Santana
Sam Richter
Amitesh Datta
Ran Zhang
Ruth Dannenfelser

March 13th Lawrence Committee Meeting

GSG meeting:

  • An independent group is working on changes to room draw, including a pilot 2 year program to give priority to families, remove random roommates, and waive cancellation fees. For questions please see https://hres.princeton.edu/graduates.
  • Public Safety will conduct their annual safety walk soon. Will try to have some representation from Lawrence to highlight specific issues.


  • We had overwhelmingly positive response to last month’s composting survey.
  • Some residents are concerned that compost may attract animals, we do not anticipate that this will be a problem as this compost will include the same types of waste that are already in the dumpsters and in more secure bins.
  • Joshua is working on looking for sources of funding for this program and coordinating with groups across campus.

Free and borrowed “stuff”:

  • We discussed the possibility of starting a pilot of a free pile (place where residents can leave unwanted items to be claimed by other residents) during the summer.
  • Ruth is working on creating a shared list where residents can borrow items within the community.

Community Share Agriculture (CSA) program:

  • We are investigating the potential of hosting the Honey Brook Organic Farm CSA at Lawrence and sent out a poll to residents.
  • There are many logistical issues such as the lack of place to leave the packages and the lack of management, there will be a lot involved if we hold it.

Garden update:

  • Sam is leaving Princeton this summer, so we may hold an election for a new Garden Coordinator in May. 
  • For those who want to garden this summer, a garden info session will be held on March 24th.

Social event:

  • We discussed hosting an Easter egg hunt on March 31st (Saturday) morning on the grass in front of 14 Lawrence. Amitesh is going to make the budget.

Free yoga:

  • A note to all yoga participants – graduate students should be prepared to bring IDs as they’ll be checked. Non-students are still welcome to participate.

In attendance

  • Olivia Martel
  • Dominick Reuter
  • Emilce Santana
  • Joshua Bauchner
  • Amitesh Datta
  • Ran Zhang
  • Ruth Dannenfelser

February 13th Lawrence Committee Meeting

General: Discussed logistical issues, recapped responsibilities and transition items for new positions of committee members.

Garden: In late March Sam will distribute the sign-up for the garden and hold an info session for interested residents. In the meantime residents can see the Garden Basics 2018 post on the website (https://lawrence.princeton.edu/2018/02/garden-basics-2018/) and send any questions to lawrencegarden@princeton.edu.

GSG meeting: Discussed upcoming referendum about extending Dbar membership to all graduate students living on campus not just those in the GC.

Composting: Joshua is taking lead on bringing composting to Lawrence. Some potential roadblocks given the current state of composting on campus. At the moment, we want to hear from you about whether you would use composting bins if they were placed at the Lawrence dumpster stations. Please fill out the survey sent via email!

Social event: Our first social event will happen in March, maybe Easter egg hunt in front of Lawrence 14. More details to be planned soon.

Yoga: Yoga will start next week. It’ll be held once a week now (as there were not many participants for twice a week before). It’s currently free for students and $5 for non-students (who are Lawrence residents). Olivia will double check how many people can fit in the yoga room.

In attendance:

  • Olivia Martel
  • Sarah James
  • Sam Richter
  • Emilce Santana
  • Joshua Bauchner
  • Amitesh Datta
  • Ran Zhang
  • Ruth Dannenfelser

Garden Basics 2018

Lawrence Garden Panorama

The garden in July 2017

Every year many Lawrence residents enjoy spending time outside and growing our own vegetables and flowers in our community garden. The garden is in the fenced-off area, about 1/3 acre, behind Building 14.

Read more below and get in touch with the garden coordinator to learn more: lawrencegarden@princeton.edu.

Follow Lawrence garden on Instagram: lawrencegarden.

Best Reasons to Garden

  • Great way to meet your neighbors. Enjoy group gardening days (frequently with donuts) and get out of your department bubble.
  • New Jersey is the Garden State. It is relatively easy to grow lots of tasty vegetables, economical herbs, and beautiful flowers.
  • Each gardener receives an individual plot and you can choose how much space you want. One bed is roughly 3-feet by 8-feet. You can opt for just one or up to six, or even more, depending on availability.
  • Water, compost, mulch, and many tools are provided and easy to access. A tall fence and locked gate keeps out deer, groundhogs, and bunnies (but not baby bunnies — still a plus for some).


Digging in

Digging up sweet potatoes

The sign-up link is posted here on the website and distributed via email to the general Lawrence Apartments listserv in March.

After signing up, gardeners are added to the Lawrence garden listserv, which the garden coordinator uses to send important updates about garden access, shared resources, and community events.

This is a moderated listserv, meaning the coordinator must approve any messages sent to it. Gardeners may send occasional messages relevant to all, for example requests for help with watering during a gardener’s absence, but message approval is at the coordinator’s discretion.

To unsubscribe or change your subscription settings, follow these OIT
instructions: http://helpdesk.princeton.edu/kb/display.plx?ID=9277.

The Garden Year


Help the bees with marigolds and other flowers

Gardening typically begins in April or May. In March or April gardeners clean up remaining debris from the past season and put down fresh compost on the beds and mulch on the pathways. The garden coordinator then assigns plots and opens the garden.

New for 2018, we are moving to a low-till practice for preparing the garden in order to reduce the amount of weed seed brought up by our usual spring tillage. 

After the garden opens gardeners begin planting purchased transplants or starting seeds. Things really take off after the last frost date, which is in early- to mid-May for this area.

Over the summer gardeners participate in community events and help take care of shared areas as well as tending the their own plots, watering, cultivating and removing weeds, and harvesting.

The end of the gardening season is about mid-October, when the first frost occurs. At the end of the season we clear our plots and put crop supports, plastic, pots, or other items in storage.

Then we dream about next year.

Lawrence Gardening Tips

Coming this year. This longer post will cover details specific to our climate and garden setup, including growing tips and more about shared resources, composting, and more.

November 14th Lawrence Committee Meeting

Lawrence Committee Elections:

  • Voting will take place at the December meeting in person
  • We will send out an email shortly asking for volunteers to participate in the election as the Election Committee
    • The election committee is in charge of sending out the emails regarding the election itself as well as counting the ballots on the day of the election.
    • The position will require no more than a few hours work in total.

GSG Meeting Updates:

  • Discussion about changing the academic calendar so that the Fall semester ends before Winter break.
    • If students have any comments or suggestions they can contact the Graduate Student Government at gsg@princeton.edu
  • Public Safety updates:
    • A representative from Public safety discussed bike thefts as well as package thefts on campus.
    • Please contact Public Safety at 609-258-1000 if a package or other item belonging to you appears to have been stolen
  • United States Government tax proposal:
    • Students are encouraged to contact the GSG in regards to the recent tax proposal to give suggestions to the GSG on a response to this or comment on the proposal in general.

Garden Update:

  • Clean up and open garden event took place in October, was well attended
  • Overall this year there were 62 adult participants and 11 children
  • The Garden will be opening again in the Spring, so please stay watch for any garden emails


  • Resident brought up the possibility of Lawrence Apartments having regular compost pick up by the Township.
  • We will relay this information and see if this is a viable option for Lawrence Apartments.

Social Event Planning:

  • Saturday, December 9th
  • Brunch event at Lawrence
    • Possibly catered
    • Possibly potluck style
  • Email will be distributed once planning is complete

Road Change Issue:

  • A resident brought to our attention that Princeton Township is considering connecting Springdale Road and West Drive in order to alleviate traffic issues in town.
  • We will forward this information to the proper contact at the University

Shuttle Bus Issues:

  • Recently residents have complained that the Shuttle Bus drivers are driving too quickly or erratically.
    • This issue will be raised to the Transportation Advisory Board at the next meeting
    • If you have any complaints about Transportation please contact Charlie Tennyson at ct15@princeton.edu.

Golf Course:

  • The committee will be drafting a letter to send to the golf course in regards to the issue of golf balls being hit near the apartment buildings.
    • The golf course has made changes over the summer and we would like to keep the dialogue open.

Traffic Light at Lawrence and Alexander:

  • Residents are complaining that the light is still slow to change
    • This issue will be raised to the Transportation Advisory Board at the meeting

Lawrence Committee Meeting October 10th

Facilities Updates:

  • Package theft/delivery issues update:
    • Public Safety urges residents to report any missing packages as soon as they notice
    • Public Safety is asking residents to report any suspicious people by contacting Public Safety at 609-258-1000.
      • The online anonymous tip submission form is also an option at https://publicsafety.princeton.edu/forms/tipline Please just be as specific as possible.
      • Public Safety is working with USPS and Amazon to try and streamline and fix delivery issues.
    • There have been some residents asking for security cameras to be installed, however this is an issue that is deliberated by the Security Advisory Board at the University
      • Chris Warkala will ask if it is feasible to install security cameras and if so how long it will take for the board to make a decision.
  • Smoking Issues:
    • The smoking outposts are supposed to be 25 feet away from the building entrances, however some students are moving them so facilities will take charge of making sure they are being moved away from buildings. However residents are urged to NOT move these outposts back closer to the buildings since it affects residents. Thank you.
    • There will be No Smoking signs placed around Building 1 for now
  • Wooden benches/picnic tables
    • Residents have complained that since they have been power washed they have had a lot of splinters so facilities will be sanding/painting them.
  • Stop sign in Lawrence Parking lot:
    • Greenery has overgrown making the sign hard to see, so facilities will be placing a sign 15 feet ahead of stop sign to state that there is a stop ahead.
  • Golf balls issue around playground:
    • University is looking into the possibility of adding a playground in another spot around the Lawrence Apartment Complex.
    • Does not seem likely there is much that the golf course will do at this point as they have already replaced the netting around the driving range. He is investigating this, but it seems like a long shot.

Transportation Advisory Meeting Update:

  • Stop light timing at Alexander/Lawrence
    • Transportation is aware that the cycle is often very long for cars and buses waiting to turn onto Alexander Road
  • Enterprise Rental Car Signs in the parking lot:
    • There has been an issue of residents parking in these designated spots so the University is moving the signs down so that they will be more visible for residents.
    • Please contact transportation@princeton.edu if you have any transportation related issues or concerns.

Garden Updates:

  • Gardeners are encouraged to participate in the garden survey.
  • Fall clean up will be in the morning of Saturday, October 21. Residents interested in signing up for the garden next spring, learning more, or just enjoying some time outside are invited to join. There will also be donuts to enjoy.

Fall Social Events:

  • Stranger Things Screening:
    • We will be screening episodes of Stranger Things for residents from 8pm on October 27th.
    • There will be various fall themed drinks/food/candy
  • Trick or Treating for Kids:
    • We will be holding a trick or treating event for kids/parents who would like to participate
      • Residents who would like to give out candy should sign up with their apartment number and building on our sign up sheet.
    • Families are welcome to participate in a candy swap in the common room of building 14 at 6pm once trick-or-treating has finished.
    • Will be taking place on October 31st at 5pm

Yoga class attendance issues

  • Thursdays class will be changed to 4:30pm starting on October 19th for two weeks to test whether this allows more residents to attend.
    • This was brought up by a number of attendees of the Thursday class
  • Mondays yoga class will continue to be held at 7:30pm.