Directions and Transportation


You must obtain a Lawrence Apartment parking permit by registering your vehicle with the Office of Transportation and Parking Services. During winter months the parking lots are plowed by the university, and shovels are provided for individuals to access their vehicles.


The university runs free shuttle lines connecting the Lawrence Apartments with various locations around campus, including the academic buildings, other graduate housing complexes, and some local shopping areas. Many residents use these shuttles to commute to and from their departments. The exact shuttle lines and schedules vary based on the time of year. For the latest information, consult the TigerTransit website.

The shuttle is a collaborative effort of the university transportation office and the Graduate Student Government. If you experience any issues with shuttle service, have suggestions for improvement, or want to help ensure continued shuttle service, email the GSG.


The Lawrence Apartments are located just off Alexander Road. For directions within Princeton University, visit the official Princeton campus map website. The Lawrence Apartments lie at the lower left (southwest) of that map. Walking to campus takes about 15 minutes.


The map below shows the layout of the apartments and parking lots:


Bike Maps

From the Lawrence Apartments many places are accessible via bicycle or walking. Below are some common destinations and routes. The routes are provided “as-is” and you use them at your own risk. In particular, some routes require riding in traffic, and after dark your bike should have a headlight, taillight, and reflectors. Also, please wear a helmet–your head is what got you in to graduate school, not your fashion sense!

Contributions are welcome. Please use Gmaps Pedometer to record your route, then click on “save route” and send the Committee the link.

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