Committee Election

Elections for the Lawrence Committee were held on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. You may view the Candidate Bios for the previous election below. 

Candidate Bios

Here are all the candidates, followed below by bios:

President: Amit Halevi
Vice president: Chris Tokita
Secretary: Deepen Garg (Winner), Kathy Ingram
Social coordinator: Richard Gagliardi
Webmaster: Noam Reich
GSG representative: Guanhua He, Chadi Saad-Roy (Winner)
Garden coordinator: Kendra Bergstedt


Amit Halevi
My name is Amit Halevi; I’m a 5th year in Applied Math, and I’ve lived in Lawrence for all 5 years of my PhD.  This past year, I have also had the privilege of serving first as Vice President and then as interim President of the Lawrence committee.  I recently realized that I’ve lived in my Lawrence apartment longer than anywhere else in my adult life – I truly consider it to be my home, and Lawrence to be my community.  I feel that I know many of its strengths, such as its vibrant and diverse community including many families, and its weaknesses, such as its older buildings and all the issues that come along with them.  In my time on the Committee, I’ve helped with several social events, participated in University housing meetings, and seen to all kinds of other tasks like organizing this year’s yoga classes.

If chosen for the position of President, I will continue to advocate for Lawrence with the University administration, help with social events, and generally work to ensure the smooth operation of our home.  Additionally, I wish to reform the Lawrence constitution, creating a committee position to manage some of the Lawrence community’s common assets, such as the Building 1 and 14 common rooms, and the shopping carts that are too-often missing.

I look forward to continuing to serve you all.

Vice president

Chris Tokita
I am a 4th year PhD Candidate in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and have served as Lawrence Committee Webmaster for the past year. As an incumbent Committee member, I am running for Vice President in the hopes that I may continue serving the Lawrence Community in this new position. During my time as Web Master, I carried out my election promise of overhauling the Lawerence Website (, which was previously an outdated-looking webpage with a hodgepodge collection of pages and miscellaneous information that had built up over many years. I hope to carry this can-do, goal-oriented approach to the Vice President role, where I will aim to bring similarly tangible changes as part of my election promise: to push for incremental changes to the Lawrence Apartment complex that will improve our daily lives in small, but meaningful ways. This includes pushing for changes in the way laundry is paid for (including at least the installation of change machines) and following through with University Offices on progress that has been made to improve transportation within our complex (e.g., a planned footpath directly to Old Lawrence). Moreover, for the past semester I have served as interim treasurer for the Lawrence Committee, which has given me familiarity with the VP’s primary responsibility on the committee. Thus, I hope to bring my past experience and familiarity back with me to the Committee in the hopes that I may continue to be an advocate for our community. I hope I can count on your vote, and thank you for considering me!


Deepen Garg
My name is Deepen Garg, and I am a fourth-year graduate student in Plasma Physics. I live with my wife, Celia Chalfoun and my cat, Korben. My wife is the current Secretary of the Lawrence Committee, and this year I would like to run for the position. This is our second year in Lawrence, and we have enjoyed every bit of it including the community with families and kids, the closeness to the tow path, and the abundance of mother nature all around us. All the social events and yoga classes helped us feel at home as soon as we moved here; we immediately wanted to give back to the community and contribute to its smooth functioning. I have seen Celia serve in the role of Secretary over the past year and felt the sense of satisfaction it can induce. Now that I am in my fourth year and well past generals and the initial struggle of thesis work, I have found myself with more latitude to do justice to the role, and perform my duties with as much zeal and diligence as Celia has. I fully understand how your experience with the committee is shaped by the quickness and the accuracy of the communication, especially during those times when you have a question or request. If given this chance, I will thoroughly record the minutes of the meetings and have them in your inbox promptly. I will be sure to disseminate all the other information and respond to your queries in a timely manner. I will also ensure that I am proactive in undertaking all the miscellaneous duties whenever the need arises. I hope you will give me this opportunity to serve the community and help keep the committee approachable and responsive.

Kathy Ingram
My name is Kathy Ingram and I am a 4th year in the Politics Department. I have lived in 10 Lawrence for three years and I am now running for Secretary. I love living in Lawrence because of its kind community, the quiet atmosphere, and the regular chance to see deer as I walk back from campus. Through my time living in Lawrence, I have become well acquainted with the common issues that Lawrence residents face. I deeply appreciate the work that previous committees have done to improve shuttle schedules, create community events, and advocate for residents’ needs. One area that I wish to address is package delivery. In my building, packages are often left outside the building in rainy and snowy weather. While it is wonderful to see people moving their neighbors’ packages indoors and out of the rain, this gesture should not be necessary. If elected, I will work to find better solutions for mail delivery in buildings where packages are commonly left outside.

Social Coordinator

Richard Gagliardi
My name is Richard Gagliardi.  I am a fifth year in Politics and a proud Lawrence resident.  Lawrence is a wonderful community with amazing people.  It has been my honor and pleasure to serve you as social chair over the last year.  In my term, I sought to organize a range of events with broad appeal from the Game of Thrones Launch Party and Wine and Cheese Tasting to the family friendly Camp Fire and S’mores Night and the Cookie Decorating Party!  To make events accessible and welcoming to all, I ensured the availability of vegan and non-vegan food options.  If reelected, I commit to continue to listen carefully to members of the Community and to put on a range of exciting events for all who live here.  While I always seek to plan social events based on community input, some ideas for possible future events include Pumpkin Carving, a British Tea Party (with scones, sandwiches, and a showing of Great British Bake Off), and well-being events like an afternoon petting and playing with shelter dogs.  I promise to listen to your ideas and work hard to be creative and organize the social events you want to attend!  I truly enjoy bringing our community together and, if reelected, I commit to organize another year of great events.  It has been a privilege to serve the Lawrence Community as social chair and I hope you will allow me to continue to do so next year.


Noam Reich
Hello everyone! My name is Noam Reich and I am a 5th year in the Politics Department. I’ve been living at Lawrence for three years and I love it. As a former military bureaucrat, I have experience managing websites, pushing through paperwork and getting things done. Our previous webmaster gave the website a sleek makeover. As your new webmaster, I will be diligent in maintaining the website and keeping it updated. As a Lawrence committee representative, I would push for several issues. To name a few, the shopping carts that used to be available near Apartments 10 and 14 have not been seen for months. If elected I would work to return the carts and seek institutional solutions to ensure the return of runaway carts in a timely manner. I also appreciate the work that previous committees have done to increase shuttles during the morning commute. I would advocate for more shuttles during the evening when shuttles are infrequent. I am of course always open to hearing suggestions from the community and I look forward to working for you.

GSG representative

Guanhua He
Hi—I’m a 4th year in molecular biology. I would love to join the Lawrence Committee as GSG representative. I’ve been in Lawrence for 2 years and I love everything of it: its quiet environment, friendly residents, amazing big window in the living room, and of course, the Lawrence Garden! Although a bit far from the campus, Lawrence is a perfect place to live. After two years’ joy benefiting from the Lawrence community, I want to contribute to it. I used to serve the Chinese students at Princeton so I have some experience in dealing with university administration. I think there’re several issues at Lawrence that need to be resolved: 1. Misdelivered and lost packages seem to increase in last few months. We could work with stakeholders including delivery driver, Lawrence residents and public safety to minimize the incidents. 2. Tiger Transit should increase bus service between 6:45pm to 8pm so that most graduate students could get home earlier. 3. The shopping carts need to be better managed so that everyone could have convenient access to it. Also, I’m willing to address any concerns from Lawrence residents and work with university services including GSG to resolve it. I look forward to serving the community and make it a better place.

Chadi Saad-Roy
Hi! I am a 3rd year student in Quantitative and Computational Biology. I would be honored to represent you in the GSG. Since I have arrived at Princeton and Lawrence, the Lawrence committee has put forth many successful initiatives with substantial improvements to multiple aspects of life in Lawrence. As your GSG representative, I would actively listen to any concerns of residents in addition to working with the Lawrence committee to continue to better our community. I would provide a strong voice for these concerns with the GSG, and ensure that they are addressed. To begin, two recurring concerns that I have heard voiced among fellow Lawrence residents are (1) the infrequent TigerTransit buses during the summer months, in addition to (2) issues with laundry rooms. If elected, I would immediately lobby for additional bus service for next summer and also see if there would be certain short-term solutions that could be implemented to aid in accessibility of laundry rooms, for e.g. coin machines, while waiting for longer-term changes to occur.

Garden coordinator

Kendra Bergsted
The Lawrence community garden was the single most important hobby that I had during the past gardening season. It gave me a responsibility to take care of my mental health by going outside and spending time in nature a few times a week; it was a source of joy and pride during the times where my research had a dearth of those emotions; and it provided me with opportunities to interact with other members of the Lawrence community in a space where I felt comfortable, instead of staying walled up inside my apartment. The garden is the place in Lawrence where I feel most like a member of a community, rather than just a person sharing a living space. Even if I was not in the garden at the same time as other gardeners, I got to watch their plots evolve throughout the season, celebrate their successes and mourn their losses. It gave me a real sense of belonging. So, as the garden has given so much to me, it is only fair that I try to give back to it what I can, and to help others find the same health, happiness, and community that I found there.