Can I store My Stuff at Lawrence?

Yes! Though it depends on what apartment you live in.

  • Residents of building 1 have storage bins on the ground floor.
  • Residents of buildings 2-7 have a storage area in the basement of building 2.
  • One-bedroom apartments in buildings 8-14 have an associated storage area in building 12.

Please note, the University does not assume responsibility for any items stored in these locations. Depending on your policy, renter’s insurance might cover items in the storage areas.Storage areas are checked and emptied when the apartment is vacated. Residents are charged for the labor to remove and discard any/all items left behind.

Where’s my package?

Lately there have been several incidences of Amazon packages being delivered to the wrong buildings and we are working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, if you see that a package is reported as delivered and you cannot find it, there is a good chance it was left at another Lawrence building by mistake. Check all other buildings for missing packages and report instances of mis-delivery to Amazon.

What is wrong with the elevator?

The elevators in buildings 10 and 12 are equipped with an unusual safety feature. If the door tries to close and it is forced open three (3) times, the elevator will shut off. The elevator can only be restarted by a qualified person. To avoid this occurrence, please use the Door Open button rather than just holding the door.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is prohibited in hallways, lounges, and common spaces, in accordance with the NJ Smokefree Air Act. Princeton’s policy is to require that smokers limit their smoking to outside areas, at least 25 feet away from buildings.

This policy is particularly relevant in cases where smokers have neighbors who may be bothered by or allergic to smoke. If a non-smoking neighbor approaches you, as a smoker, with a complaint, please be respectful of your neighbor and attempt to accommodate him by smoking outside, far enough from the building that the smoke will not be blown into any open windows.

(Updated Spring, 2016)

Lawrence Building 1 is currently a non-smoking building; however, all of graduate housing will become non-smoking (indoors) beginning in Fall 2016. Outdoor smoking will continue to be permitted at least 20 feet away from buildings at Lawrence.

What’s the easiest way to get website updates?

With the unveiling of the new website, the Lawrence Apartments RSS feed is now active—subscribe today! RSS is a means of broadcasting changes to a website. It’s a convenient way to make sure that you always have up-to-date information, without having to check a particular website every day or receive emails about every change. (It’s sort of like Facebook’s information feed, but for following websites instead of friends.)

Click the link below for more information.

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Are Lawrence residents eligible for the NJ state tax credit?

First, please understand that the Lawrence Committee is not qualified to advise you about tax laws and procedures, especially as the latter might change and we have neither the expertise nor the resources to keep up. The information below is provided "as is", and it is your responsibility to check that it is correct.

In previous years residents of the Lawrence apartments have been eligible for the tax rebate. The regulation change from year-to-year, however. The Office of the General Counsel of the university publishes some tax-related information for students, including information on the NJ state tax credit. You should consult the latest information at that site as well as your own tax advisor before filing your taxes.