Princeton University

April 2013 Minutes

The folliwng issues were discussed:
(1) Wi-fi issue: Installation of permanent wi-fi setup would take place in this coming summer. Residents will be notified.

(2) Recyling: Electronic wastes (computers, keyboards, etc) will be collected in June. There might be a yard-sale around the move out period. We will contact GSG about the ways we can participate in the furniture drive in early June.

(3) Garden: Please contact Allison if you want to claim plots.

(4) Ice cream social: Tentatively, this will happen on April 25 (Thursday). Exact date will be determined in the beginning of that week.

(5) Computers in the cluster are very slow. We will contact OIT about this issue.

Hyungwon Kim
Sarah Grady,
Olivia Martel,
Dmitry Gorenshteyn,
Daniell Rowles
Andra Geana
Yavus Yetim
Dan Collins
Burcin Cakir
Allison Chaney