Princeton University

Door King Entry System

Residents living in Lawrence Apartments, Buildings 2-7 can connect their cell phones to the
doorway to control the  entry/intercom system operated. You will need to submit a work order to link your name and phone number to th system.

Guest Communication: Your telephone number has been programmed into the telephone entry system referenced with a specific DIRECTORY CODE.  This DIRECTORY CODE is not your telephone number, it’s just a code used tokeep your phone number secret.  When a guest comes to visit you, they will look your name up in an ELECTRONIC DIRECTORY by using the “A” and “Z” push buttons on the system face plate to locate your name.  When your name is displayed in the ELECTRONIC DIRECTORY, your guest can
simply press the CALL button to establish communication with your apartment.

Alternate Guest Communication Method: Once your guest has located your name, your DIRECTORY CODE will be displayed next to your name.  Your guest can enter this code on the system keypad, which will then place a call to your apartment.  If your guest already knows your DIRECTORY CODE, they can simply enter this number on the system keypad without having to look your name up in the directory.

Granting Access: Once your have established communication and identified your guest by answering your telephone, you have a choice to either grant the guest access or deny the guest access. To grant access, press the “5” button on your apartment touch tone telephone.  The telephone entry system will respond with a 10 second tone, confirming that the door has opened, and will then disconnect itself.  The door is programmed to open for 10 seconds before relocking.  Some newer telephones emit a very short duration tone when a number is pressed.  If your telephone does this, you may have to press the number twice in rapid succession to open the door.

Denying Access: press the “#” button, or simply hang up.

Note: If you are on the telephone when a guest tries to contact you from the Door King Entry system, they will hear a busy signal.  They will not be able to gain entry unless you have call waiting.