Princeton University

Wi-Fi and Internet

Free university Wi-Fi is available to all Lawrence residents. There are three main ways of accessing the Internet at Lawrence: the eduroam network, the servicenet network, and ethernet. 

Princeton OIT recommends most Wi-Fi-enabled personal devices use eduroam, which is accessible to all Princeton students via NetID. Students should use eduroam for computers, tablets, phones, and most other everyday devices.

Servicenet should be used for special devices that cannot be used over eduroam. These include electronics like gaming consoles and Apple TVs. These devices must be especially registered with OIT at the link here.

Finally, residents can sometimes be approved to use the ethernet in their apartment wallboxes. OIT requires registration of ethernet devices via the same servicenet registration link, and usually will not approve devices for ethernet use unless residents can make a good case for why their device cannot be used over servicenet or eduroam.

In practice, these include devices that simply cannot use Wi-Fi or rely on ethernet for necessary functionality. Online multiplayer gaming, for example, will usually not work on servicenet and require ethernet, and OIT will usually approve tickets that request ethernet for this purpose.

Additionally, prior to using ethernet, residents will need to activate their wallbox ethernet ports, identifying the port number and wallbox ID in OIT’s online form, found here.

No personal routers are allowed in Lawrence Apartments.

For more questions, contact OIT via the footer at their website here. OIT tends to be pretty responsive to emails and their chat functionality is particularly useful.