Princeton University

March 12 Minutes

Upcoming Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting event
The event will take place on March 30th at 5:30 pm in the building 14 common room. Posters have been placed in each building and email reminders will be sent to the residents this week and the day of the event.

Upcoming Game of Thrones event
The event will take place on April 14th in the evening, in the building 14 common room. The time of the event will be confirmed soon. The episode will be shown on the TV screen available in the common room. No alcohol will be served at this event.

Shopping carts
The committee has taken a census of shopping carts around Lawrence, found that 5 are remaining (plus an additional one in a bad condition), and will see with Michael Hebditch and Chris Warkala from Housing if additional carts should be requested.
The committee has also put yellow signs on the carts to indicate where they should be returned after use.

Gardening update
The gardening information on the website was reviewed by Mauricio, who compiled the most important information in a single-page document, the “Lawrence Garden Handbook”, which will replace all the current entries on gardening. A link to the document will be displayed on the website. 
Incoming gardening season: the garden will open after the Housing Draw results, on April 9th. There will be an online form for registration, and a week before opening, Mauricio will hold an information session for interested residents. Posters promoting the information session will be displayed in the buildings beforehand. In the meantime, interested residents can email Mauricio at

Safety walk in Lawrence
There is a continued demand for a pathway for students going to the back of the complex (buildings 1-7) and Housing is aware of that, but because of the scope of the work required (possible widening of the strip of ground where the path would go) and the work order spanning Housing, Grounds, and other university offices, it will be a more slow-moving process.

The issue regarding lighting in the buildings 2-7 area is electrical. Most of the lights have been or should be fixed soon. There is also a possible lighting issue in the parking lot, but it should be getting addressed with ongoing repairs. Any ongoing safety issues you may notice should be referred to Michael Hebditch (, who will add them to the list made during the safety walk.

Transportation update
The transportation office is aware that the shutting down of Alexander road is not safe all the time, with regard to lane closures.

A link to report temperature problems in Old Lawrence will be made available on the website to make it easier for residents to find how to and report the problem with Facilities.

The Committee would be interested in photographs or illustrations of Lawrence that residents might have taken or drawn and that could be used on the website. Interested residents can send their artworks to, and the Committee would also like to encourage graduate student residents to submit their photographs to the ongoing Instagram photo contest (please see attachment).

Golf balls
The Committee and the University are aware that some of the balls from the golf course sometimes end up in the Lawrence complex. The nets have been raised and repaired and the situation seems to have improved. The playground near the garden will also consequently be moved to the area in the middle of buildings 2-7.

In attendance:
Kevin Fleming
Michael Hebditch
Joshua Bauchner
Mauricio Loyola
Amit Halevi
Emilce Santana
Celia Chalfoun
Chris Tokita
Richard A. Gagliardi (on the phone)