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February 12 Meeting Notes

Lawrence website
The Committee is planning on using a new theme and possibly high-resolution images of the Lawrence complex. The way information is organized will be restructured and the content will be updated where needed, such as in the Government, Maintenance, Garden, and Directions and Transportation sections.

Two events will be held this semester:

  • a Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tasting event for which the tentative date is March 9th, late afternoon. More details will come.
  • a Game of Thrones party on April 14th, the day the first episode of the final season will air.

There will be a partial shutdown of Alexander Road on weekends from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., starting the first Saturday in March. It is necessary to fix power lines and for other work and is unrelated to the eight-month planned shutdown to replace the bridges. It will remain in effect until the work is complete, at least throughout the month. We are checking to see how the Shopper will work during the shutdown.

Charles Tennyson, Head of Transportation, shared during a meeting that the eight-month planned shutdown has no official starting date yet. It may depend on the date the Dinky service is restored. The University will work their best so that all shuttles can continue making their usual stops and keep on schedule. It will still be possible to drive on Alexander Road to access Lawrence drive and there will be signs to indicate that.

Transportation is also aware of the issues with the shuttle tracker glitching and the schedule. Over the summer, they should be rethinking a lot of things to make transportation easier for everybody. If you experience any issues, please email the Committee ( or Charles Tennyson from Transportation (

Shopping carts
The Committee will investigate the possibility of getting more shopping carts to accommodate all buildings. One issue is that the shopping carts are not always brought back to the complex.

Temperature in Old Lawrence apartments
If you experience issues with the temperature in your apartment, please mention it to Facilities by opening a ticket ( Although there is not much that can be done at this point, it helps Facilities tracking the issue.

GSG wants to remind students that if they have any complaints or comments, they should feel free to get in touch with GSG.

Michael Hebditch would like to remind students to please fill the survey for Lake Campus as their contribution is really helpful.

There is a pile of abandoned clothes in the Building 1 laundry room. If you have left any clothes there, please collect them as the Committee will arrange for them to be donated soon. Camila Reyes brought up the idea of improving recycling in the Lawrence complex. She will look into it with the Office of Sustainability.

In attendance
Kevin Fleming
Michael Hebditch
Joshua Bauchner
Mauricio Loyola
Richard A. Gagliardi
Amit Halevi
Emilce Santana
Celia Chalfoun
Chris Tokita
Camila Reyes
Jose Lemaitre
Jack Weis