Princeton University

January 8 Meeting Notes

Social events

A social event will tentatively be held between late February and mid-March. The Committee would also like to organize a Game of Thrones Final Season party in April. More information regarding these events will be shared in the upcoming weeks/months.

Planned repairs

Joshua talked with Charles Tennyson, Head of Transportation, regarding the planned repairs of the two bridges over Alexander Road. The bridges are to be replaced and the construction work will take around 8 months. The impact should be minimal for the Lawrence residents: the Dinky should be running by the time the repairs start and the Lawrence/Lakeside shuttles will be allowed on Alexander Road during the repairs. More information will be provided by the University in due time. Concerned residents can reach out to the Lawrence Committee if they have questions (


Photographs of some units should be available on the Housing website by the time the room draw starts, to give incoming residents an idea of what the apartments in Lawrence look like.

In attendance:

Kevin Fleming
Michael Hebditch
Joshua Bauchner
Mauricio Loyola
Amit Halevi
Emilce Santana
Celia Chalfoun