Princeton University

December 11 Meeting Notes

Elections were held for the 2019 Lawrence Committee. The new elected committee:

President – Emilce Santana
Vice President – Amit Halevi
Secretary – Celia Chalfoun
Social Chair – Richard A. Gagliardi
GSG Representative – Joshua Bauchner
Webmaster – Chris Tokita
Garden Coordinator – Mauricio Loyola

GSG updates:

Joshua attended the housing retreat. Housing policies were discussed as well as ways to make Lawrence a more attractive option for students (updating the laundry room with commercial machines, removing the coin system and generally rethink the structure of the room).

The graduate housing survey is going to be compiled and the results will eventually be displayed on the housing website.


Photographs of a two-bedroom and a one-bedroom vacated apartments will be taken and uploaded to the Housing website to give incoming residents an idea of what the units look like. These photographs will not be representative of every unit as the configuration can be a bit different.

Also discussed an ongoing effort to secure funding for a 360 virtual tour of the units.


There will be no more classes this semester. There will be more discussions on the possibility of continuing the classes in the spring semester.


Some residents shared their concerns following the lewdness incident. The possibility of adding more lights outside was discussed. Michael Hebditch will follow up with Facilities on this matter and mentioned that a safety walk will be organized in the winter to survey the lightning areas. Concerned residents are invited to bring their concerns to Kevin Fleming from Graduate School (

The issue of flickering lights was also raised. Facilities has fixed some of them in the past, but Michael will see if there are plans for these lights to be improved or fixed.


Discussed updating the website as some information is out-of-date. The committee will go through the website to assess the situation.

In attendance:

Joshua Bauchner
Mauricio Loyola
Kevin Fleming
Michael Hebditch
Amit Halevi
Sarah James
Chris Tokita
Emilce Santana
Celia Chalfoun