Princeton University

November 13 Meeting Minutes

Lawrence Committee election:
Election will happen in December, with the following procedures:

  1. The committee will send out email to recruit for volunteers for election (election committee need residents independent of the election).
  2. The election committee will send out more detailed emails regarding the election process.
  3. Candidates declare candidacy and submit statement.
  4. A short time window will open for candidates to switch positions (e.g. to switch to positions where fewer candidates are running).
  5. Election day and vote.

For those interested in running for the Lawrence Committee in our December elections, please check out our constitution which outlines all the positions as well as eligibility requirements. Candidates need to attend at least one committee meeting before the election meeting.

Next social event:

  • The second social event this semester will be a Lawrence brunch, tentatively in Lawrence 14 common room at 10:30am Dec 8th.
  • Discussed getting toys and coloring books to be more kid-friendly, as well as preparing cookie decorations, hot chocolate, and how to advertise.

GSG & Graduate housing update:

  • There are several potential rule changes currently under discussion. Students who spent at least 1 full year in absentia could submit a pre-draw form to have their Room Draw priority adjusted. For example: a current G4 who spent 1 year in absentia could draw as a G3.
    A Student with a spouse or domestic partner could live with roommates in multi-bedroom apartment. All residents in the apartment would have to agree, we would not randomly assign anyone to this living arrangement. Families with children would not be able to live with roommates. To prevent over stressing common facilities, this would be piloted to allow one couple per apartment.
  • Joshua will represent Lawrence Committee at the housing retreat to discuss how to better incorporate families with kids in Lawrence. Also discussed the potential of free laundry or facilitating laundry payment by tiger card.
  • The graduate housing is working with the golf course to ensure safety in Lawrence (e.g. move the closest playground further away to avoid potential injury).


  • Discussed long term plan of systematically updating website with more detailed information, e.g. updating lost-and-found page and adding detailed floor plans of each building (together with graduate housing).

In attendance:
Michael Hebditch
Emilce Santana
Sarah James
Joshua Bauchner
Ran Zhang
Mauricio Loyola
Amitesh Datta