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October 9 Meeting Minutes


  • Garden cleanup session held on Oct. 6th.
  • Lawrence garden 2018 T-shirts were distributed.
  • Next open info session will be next season.

Next Social Event:

  • In previous years the committee has organized a trick-or-treating sign up for Lawrence residents who are willing to distribute candy on Halloween. This list is organized by building and shared with fellow resident parents with children so that they can take their child out trick-or-treating in the community. Similar to last year, we are planning on sending out a sign up sheet and signs for participants to put on their door. More details to follow closer to the event.
  • Discussed organizing a separate social event the weekend before Halloween, or meet-up on Halloween after trick-or-treating in Lawrence common room.

Lawrence Yoga:

  • Going forward the committee will spend $100 from our budget each year to cover all expenses for non-student residents. Thus, there will be no ID check and money collection. Details on first yoga event coming soon.

Free pile:

  • Renewed discussion about going forward with a free pile in building 14 computer cluster where residents can exchange items in good condition that they no longer need or want.
  • Also discussed making a sharing/borrowing spreadsheet for larger items to lend out among the Lawrence community.


  • There is lots of resistance from the town, unclear if it can be resolved in time to bring composting to Lawrence in the near future. Michael is helping us work on it.


  • We will have an election in December, in November candidates declare candidacy and turn in statements, will have more details in the November meeting.

Other Issues:

  • Dinky: there is concern among some residents and the larger community about the status of the dinky. The transportation board is working on making sure we have options – right now bus replacements are slated. Refer to the transportation website for more details.
  • The Lawrence 14 piano is reported to be broken, we discussed possibilities of replacing it.
  • Bicycle tagging for abandoned bikes will start in the next several weeks. Please contact Charlie Tennyson if you have concerns.

In Attendance:
Christopher Crawford
Deepen Garg
Adriana Strecanska
Richard A. Gagliardi III
Kevin Fleming
Michael Hebditch
Celia Chalfoun
Emilce Santana
Sarah James
Ruth Dannenfelser
Joshua Bauchner
Ran Zhang
Mauricio Loyola
Amitesh Datta