Princeton University

September 11 Meeting Minutes

First meeting of the new academic year. Welcome back to Lawrence everyone!


  • After the meeting, a new roadblock emerged; we remain committed to bringing composting to Lawrence but it will take longer than anticipated at the meeting. In addition, there is a new graduate group on campus devoted to promoting composting, in residences and beyond. For more information contact Katja Luxem (

Lost packages:

Tiger transit:

  • Graduate school is aware of the shuttle issues (being delayed or not trackable).
    It might take some time to normalize as there are lots of changes at the beginning of semester. If there are any issues please contact Charles Tennyson at directly; hearing from residents will help him know where issues are.

Follow up about building 2 basement (storage units) flooding:

  • According to Chris Warkala, flooding in building 2 basement cannot be fixed without a major overhaul which isn’t feasible at this time. Moreover, mildew remains an issue even when there is no flooding. He recommends that residents who have storage there use plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes (combat both mildew and possible flooding), as well as put things on plastic pallets if possible.

Potential outdoor furniture:

  • Also discussed requesting outdoor Adirondack chairs from graduate school with Chris Warkala. Joshua will work with Chris and follow up.

Event forecast (detailed emails will be sent out closer to the dates):

  • Lawrence barbecue is currently scheduled for Sept. 18th.
  • Lawrence garden will hold a clean up session at the end of September.
  • Graduate school room change application will open around Oct. 1st.

In Attendance:
Richard A. Gagliardi III
Kevin Fleming
Michael Hebditch
Celia Chalfoun
Emilce Santana
Sarah James
Ruth Dannenfelser
Joshua Bauchner
Ran Zhang
Mauricio Loyola