Subscribing to Listservs

Want to connect with other Lawrence residents? All graduate students living in Lawrence should be automatically subscribed to receive emails from the Lawrence Committee (via the Lawrence-res listserv). If you live in Lawrence but are not a Princeton graduate student, you can subscribe to any of the four current Lawrence listservs using the instructions below.

Also, new in 2016 is our Lawrence-chat listserv. The easiest way to subscribe to any list is by visiting the ListServ subscriber management dashboard. More detailed/technical instructions from OIT here.

Listserv names:

  • Lawrence-res
  • Lawrence-chat
  • Lawrence-garden
  • lawrencepets
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2 Thoughts.

  1. Hi, I’m a Lawrence resident. Can I apply for a garden plot for my family?How can I do the registration? Many thanks!

    All bests,

    Peng Peng

    • Hi Peng,

      I’m sorry that I’m only seeing this comment now. For a quicker response to future questions, please email the Lawrence Committee at To apply for a plot, contact our Garden Coordinator. Currently that is Sarah James, but elections are happening in December and we may soon have a new Garden Coordinator. Applications will open in the Spring, and you will have an email from the Lawrence Committee with instructions on how and when to apply.



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