Princeton University

January Meeting Minutes

Yoga class at Lawrence

  • Application for Yoga to be written
    • Proposal letter to be submitted
  • Class being held inside …outside on nice days?
    • Post to website regarding weather updates for outdoor classes?
  • How to choose who gets classes?
    • Poll to see how many people are interested in yoga first
    • Then give people choices of which dates they would like to attend. If 50 people sign up for yoga and there are 10 classes (with 10 available slots) then each yoga participant could sign up for 2 classes.

Buildings with heating issues

  • Forwarded info to facilities for further information on solution
  • Windows issues
    • Drafty window allowing cold air into apt.

Lawrence apartment photos/update

  • Have photos of old Lawrence buildings as well
  • Ask housing to put photos up of different types of apartments available for students on their website
    • As of right now, no photos of interior of units

Golf Course letter

  • Concerns about golf balls being hit close to playground, and also buildings windows broken, etc.
  • Write letter to golf course
    • A letter has been drafted, which committee members will comment on. Chris Warkala will also review the letter.
    • Testimonial from residents who have been affected by this issue

Social Events

  • Emails about dates, ideas, etc.
  • Funding?
    • Can always ask for more funding from GSG for more events if need be
  • Suggestions:
    • Garden doughnut days
      • Morning doughnuts on Saturday for gardeners and residents
      • Sign for Lawrence gardens area
      • Farmers market for gardeners?