Princeton University

March 2013 Minutes

OIT upgraded the wireless network in Lawrence.
Successfully put in a quick fix, and planning to return this summer to make a permanent fix. Should take 3 weeks in August.  This fix won’t be a technological upgrade, just tidying the installation up.  This will likely involve moving the antenna units from living rooms into bedrooms. Service should be as good or better.  They are planning to be very accommodating about working in residents’ rooms. They may install some more units, which may improve service.

**Any feedback about wireless service would be helpful now, because it would be nice to have before the upgrade is made permanent.

Social events:
Another movie night is possible?

Allison is prepping the garden for the spring.  The fence could use some improvements–Olivia will touch base with Chris Warkala.

Dima suggested to the GSG that we get a porter’s lodge in Lawrence. GSG response was that we might share Grad College or Lakeside’s porter’s lodge.

More broadly on packages and porters:
We’re very unlikely to get funding for a porter’s lodge, but what other ways can we solve problems like:
Secure package delivery
Vacuum cleaner distribution
Movie collection?

Perhaps residents can be part-time porters?


Yavus Yetim
Jason Brodsky
Andra Geana
Sarah Grady
Dima Gorenshteyn
Allison Chaney
Olivia Martel
Dave Morreale (OIT)
Nettie Pyne