Princeton University

Lawrence Committee December 2023 Meeting Minutes

At 5:30 PM on December 11, the Lawrence Committee held a monthly Town Hall meeting over Zoom. The following are the minutes of that meeting.

  • The Committee is holding a special election for Lawrence Committee Social Chair.
  • The Lawrence Committee is aware that package misdeliveries have increased in the last couple of months and is currently working with Princeton Print and Mail Services to remedy this issue.
    • They have let the Committee know that the issue likely stems from a recent change to the subcontractor delivering for Amazon. 
    • The Committee was also told that providing clear images of the labels on the misdelivered packages will identify who is misdelivering packages and ultimately help to resolve this issue.
    • While the Committee believes the issue may now be resolved, the Committee asks that if residents see a package in front of a building that was misdelivered, please take a picture of the address and either send it to or post it to the #lawrence-mis-missing-deliveries channel on the GSG Slack so that we can share these images with Print and Mail Services and so that the recipient can find their package. 
  • The Committee was informed that the fence around the park behind building 12 been removed and wanted to share information on local dog parks: there is a dog park in the southwest corner of Community Park South, and dogs are allowed off-leash at Quarry Park (10 minutes from campus). There is also a dog park at Rosedale Park (20 minute from campus).
    • Residents may wish to follow the activities of the Princeton Dog Park Alliance ( to stay updated on the creation or modification of dog parks in Princeton.
    • As discussed in the October Town Hall meeting, if residents are interested in pursuing the creation of an official dog park on campus, the Committee encourages residents to organize and develop a plan, perhaps starting by identifying locations on campus which would be suitable for this purpose and surveying residents’ opinions on the matter. For specific questions or for help distributing surveys or petitions, residents should contact the Housing Committees or the GSG.
  • The Committee has asked Housing Operations to discuss noise issues with Facilities and see if loud construction can occur later in the day.
  • Committee members in attendance: Hannah, Josh, Kimmie, Hassan, Michelle, Katie, Harry, and Claire.