Princeton University

Lawrence Committee November 2023 Meeting Minutes

At 5:30 PM on November 13, the Lawrence Committee held a monthly Town Hall meeting over Zoom. The following are the minutes of that meeting.

  • The Committee announced the results of the Lawrence Committee election. Please see the results below.
    • President: Hassan Sayed
    • Secretary: Hannah Rabb
    • Social Chair: Abby Fergus
    • Facilities Manager: Josh Lederman
    • Garden Coordinator: Kimmie Sabsay
    • Garden Events Manager: Claire Whiting
    • External Relations Delegate: Katie Wu
    • Grants Manager: Harry Fetsch
  • The Committee recently met with Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) to discuss issues relevant to Lawrence.
    • TPS is currently in the process of removing several abandoned vehicles from the Lawrence parking lot.
    • The parking lot is very full this year, so we kindly ask residents that do not use their vehicle frequently to park in spots that are further away from buildings.
  • The Committe discussed noise issues and would like to remind all residents to be courteous of your neighbors and keep noise levels to a minimum during the week and late at night.
  • A couple of weeks ago, a resident noticed that two large Amazon boxes full of packages for many different buildings were placed outside the odd number entrance of building 14. If you are missing any packages, please check to see if they were misdelivered to this location.
  • Committee members in attendance: Hannah, Josh, Amber, Hassan, Harry, Liz, Katie, Michelle, Claire, and Kimmie.