Princeton University

Lawrence Committee February 2024 Meeting Minutes

At 4:30 PM on February 8, the Lawrence Committee held a monthly Town Hall meeting over Zoom. The following are the minutes of that meeting.

  • The Lawrence Committee provided an overview of ongoing discussion with Princeton Transportation and Parking Services, including their plans to repaint the parking lines this summer and begin removing abandoned vehicles.
  • Residents continue to find dog poop on the lawns around Lawrence. The Lawrence Committee would like to remind dog owners that they must pick up after their dogs.
  • The Lawrence Committee would also like to remind pet owners to be considerate when using the communal laundry rooms. If you have pets, don’t use the sensitive laundry machine and please wipe down the machine you use after each use. Pet hair left in machines can add bad odors to other residents’ items and it can also trigger allergies.
  • Committee members in attendance: Hannah, Jack, Hassan, Amber, Katie, Harry, Michelle, Kimmie, and Josh.