Princeton University

Halloween Plans at Lawrence!

We are inviting Princeton families to bring their costumed children to Lawrence Graduate Apartments for outdoor Trick-or-Treating. This will occur on Halloween which is Tuesday, October 31, from 4-6pm. We ask that each family designate one parent to create a candy hand-out station (sit in a chair and put candy in a bowl for children to take) while the other parent takes the child (or children) around to get the candy, moving from station to station. Candy givers will set themselves up (please bring a camp chair) on the interior, vehicle-free, pathways all over Lawrence so children will be able to wind their way through Lawrence and hit each station.

In addition to the Trick-or-Treating, children and families will also have the opportunity to do a Halloween craft which will be located at the first-floor entrance of Lawrence 1.

We would also love for Lawrence (or Lakeside) residents without children to set up candy hand-out stations. Ideally, there will be many more candy givers than just the one parent of each family. Single parent homes do not need to set up a candy station, they will just bring their kids around to trick-or-treat.We are asking ALL those who wish to participate to sign up on this google spreadsheet.