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Bleach, Shovels, and Carts at Lawrence

Dear Lawrence Residents,

We wanted to share a few important updates relating to amenities at Lawrence:

tl;dr: Bleach use is restricted to one washer per laundry room, snow shovels have been distributed to the dumpsters sheds, and we request any shopping/laundry/package carts are returned to their proper locations.

A few residents have noticed substantial bleach stains on their clothing after running washes. This is deeply upsetting, as the clothing is effectively ruined. Bleach may now only be used in the one designated washer in each laundry room, as indicated by signage, and even in that washer we request residents please only use what is necessary. Please make sure to use the proper laundry machine slot for bleach! Bleach should not be carrying over between washes.

On a different note, shovels have now been distributed to each of the three dumpster sheds at Lawrence. These should hopefully aid residents in digging out their cars as necessary this winter. Please be respectful of your fellow residents and return the shovel to its labeled spot (on a hook within the appropriate dumpster shed) once you finish digging out your car.

Finally, there are a number of carts around Lawrence intended for community use. These include laundry carts in the laundry rooms and shopping/package carts in Building 1 and the dumpster sheds outside Buildings 10 and 14. These carts have a tendency to go missing for extended periods of time before reappearing, which can be extremely frustrating for residents.

  • Laundry carts should not leave their associated laundry rooms! This has been a particular issue for the Lawrence 1 laundry room – if you have one of those carts, please return it ASAP. If you see one where it doesn’t belong, please post on Slack or email the committee at – we’ll make sure to return it
  • A shopping cart has gone missing – A smaller shopping cart with a grey handle previously available to residents can no longer be found. Please contact the committee (through the aforementioned means) if you have any information that may lead to its rediscovery
  • Please return carts to where they belong – Designated locations for shopping and package carts are the Building 1 ground floor by the vending machine and the dumpsters outside buildings 10 and 14. Please don’t leave non-laundry carts anywhere else, otherwise residents will struggle to find them

Thank you so much to everyone who made it to the end of this email. Please feel free to contact the committee with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.


The Lawrence Committee