Princeton University

Unscented Laundry Machines at Lawrence

We hope you are enjoying our new washers and dryers. Please remember that any laundry maintenance requests must now be directed to CALECO, not Princeton Facilities.

Residents have expressed concerns about the use of scented laundry detergent in Lawrence washing machines. Scented detergent can cause immune responses in babies, children, and adults. To this end, the Lawrence committee has assigned one washing machine in each laundry room (the farthest from the door) for exclusive use with “free and clear” unscented detergent. The attached signage has been posted above the relevant laundry machine in each room, indicating that the machine shouldn’t be used with scented detergent.

We hope you can be conscientious for the members in our community that benefit from such a machine. To persuade you even more, a donation of “free and clear” laundry detergent will be provided in the laundry room in building 1!