Princeton University

September 2021 Lawrence Committee Minutes

On Thursday, September 9th, 2021 the Lawrence Committee held its regularly scheduled committee meeting. The following are the minutes of that meeting.

  • The Committee will reach out to the office of environmental health and safety to request that formal instructions be given in case of what to do in a tornado in the Lawrence buildings
  • The committee raised concerns about confusion around composting to Housing. Housing has said that it will, in coordination with the office of sustainability, post and hang signs with instructions near the compost bins with instructions regarding their use.
  • The committee listened to concerns from residents about maintenance staff entering into apartments with insufficient notice and customer service at the housing office. The matters were brought to the attention of a representative from the graduate school.
  • As a public service announcement, residents are asked not to leave the doors to the buildings left open. While propping the doors open during moving is fine, they should be kept close otherwise.
  • The high volume of packages was brought before housing. The committee requested that housing no longer inform students that they are allowed to order packages 10 days before their arrival as there is insufficient space in the entryways to accommodate the large number of packages. The instruction also led to a misperception amongst incoming residents, that someone would receive their package for them. The graduate school has said that they will look into the matter.
  • Gardening: Due to an insufficient number of gardeners, weeds have become a major problem in unassigned plots. The committee discussed the possibility of opening the garden to non-residents of Lawrence (with Lawrence residents still receiving priority) to increase the number of gardeners and address the problem in the future. It will also prepare more gardening social events for the next gardening season.
  • Gardening: The Committee discussed potential structural changes to the Garden Coordinator role, which will be further explored in next month’s meeting.

In attendance:

  • Liz H.
  • Audrey Z.
  • Kevin F.
  • Noam R.
  • Chadi S.
  • Nicolette S.
  • Anastasia K.
  • Faiza