Princeton University

April 2021 Lawrence Committee Minutes

On April 13th 2021, the Lawrence Committee held a regularly scheduled meeting. The following are the minutes of that meeting:

  • The Lawrence Garden is officially opened! If you are interested in additional details please visit the Lawrence website at 
  • In response to complaints regarding littering on playgrounds the committee will be in touch with facilities to work towards solutions.
  • GSG is moving forward with a plan to have free menstrual products made available in public restrooms. This will include the public restrooms at Lawrence Apartments. The committee will assist in the coordinating this.
  • A social event sponsored by the Lawrence Committee will be held in May. More details coming soon.
  • The committee will reevaluate the need for snow shovels in light of information brought forth by Saumyashree and will discuss the issue again next meeting. 


  • Deepen Garg
  • Kevin Fleming
  • Liz Helfenberger
  • Nastya Karpova
  • Saumyashree Ghosh
  • Chadi Saad-Roy