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May Committee Meeting

Below are the notes from the last committee meeting held on May 12, 2020.

Lawrence Committee Meeting
Tuesday, May 12 2020

  • Roll Call
    • Amit H
    • Chris T
    • Kendra B
    • Richard G
    • Chadi S
    • Noam R
    • Michael H
    • Kevin F
    • Deepen G
  • No objection to the amendment. We will send out the proposed amendment text today for the community to analyze it. We will hold the vote for passing the amendment at the next committee meeting
  • Garden updates
    • The garden finally has water supply; the gardening season has begun, and the signups are going smoothly
    • We strongly encourage people to use the time-signup form to book time slots. Failure to follow these directives can lead to the closure of the garden. We have been able to open the garden only under the provision of proper social distancing
  • Social Events update
  • We will organize a virtual movie night; we will show Incredibles 2 this Friday through Netflix viewing party app. We’ll send out the details later today
  • Housing update
    • Laundry is free to use (no quarters required) until the end of June
    • Housing is aware of the various problems pertaining to the contracts and trying to figure out the solutions and various constraints like the status of incoming students. Please contact Housing for your special case
    • No cancellation fee for cancelling your contracts. Summer housing is available in GC and annexes
    • Contact Sarah Major ( for finding off campus housing. In some off-campus places, it might even be possible to get one month rent waived. Some landlords are also letting the prospective tenants see the apartment through Skype/Zoom
    • As a reminder, campus storage and moving services are available for students
    • We can’t 100% guarantee that someone else will not stay in your apartment. But practically it is very unlikely
    • Housing can stop collecting the rent from a student only from the date of notification to Housing or for when the moving services are booked. It cannot be applied retroactively to when you left the campus.
  • The results from the Lawrence housing survey have been shared with the administration and we will also share them with the GSG.
  • No GSG updates
  • The email account for the Lawrence Committee from Microsoft to Google
  • We will put up some signs for people to follow common courtesy measures