Princeton University

June Meeting Minutes

The following are the minutes for the Lawrence committee meeting held on Tuesday June 9th

  • The next committee meeting will be in September. However given the special times we are in, the committee will be ready to meet during July as well as August if required.
  • The proposed amendment  to the constitution is passed with all the residents and committee members present in favor along with Amit Halevi’s in absentia vote in favor.
  • Residents are strongly advised to use the carts only to transport their items and then return the carts after using them. We found one cart in the Dinky parking lot and one at the dumpsters of Building 1 with discarded items (including a microwave) in it! Please do not abuse the carts since it seriously hampers the ability of other residents to use them. Also they are (surprisingly) expensive and having to replace them would potentially eat into our budget and ability to have fun social events.
  • Garden updates
    • There have been some problems sourcing bunny repellant for the garden. Kendra will continue to look into this.
    • The two doors to the sheds need to be replaced. However, the expected expense will be more than the funds collected from the garden fees. Kendra will write up a budget report to request funds from the committee funds and present it to the committee later.
  • Housing updates
    • At the end of the month, Michael Hebditch will move to another role for the new University Services Customer Service Center. Please use for any housing related queries until somebody else fills up his role.
    • For now, the housing department is waiting for university’s guidelines for fall semester (hopefully by July). University may set the restrictions at the level of the state guidance or even stricter than those depending upon the university needs
  • Roll Call
    • Christopher T
    • Kendra B 
    • Noam R
    • Michael H
    • Kevin F
    • Deepen G