Princeton University

April Committee Meeting

Below are the notes from the last committee meeting held on April 21, 2020.

Lawrence Committee Meeting
Tuesday, April 21 2020

  • The Alexander bridge construction work is scheduled to be completed “during the week of May 4, weather and COVID permitting”
  • We have proposed amendments to the Lawrence constitution regarding the committee composition. The final text of the amendment will be sent to the residents in about 2 weeks
  • Gardening update
    • We sent the signup email last week, and around 28 people have signed up so far
    • Facilities needs to come and turn on the water, but it is not sure when they will be able to do it due to low staff. The last estimate was last Thursday, 4/23 but so far the work order is still open. Michael from Housing will look into this and see if he can do anything from his end
  • Housing update
    • There is a lot of uncertainty amidst the pandemic, but the housing department is trying their best to support the students affected by Covid-19. The room draw and summer housing is planned to continue on their regular schedule
    • The form for housing extension request (due to academic reasons and other extenuating circumstances) can be found on the housing website and is due May 1
    • We have set up a google form (optionally anonymous) for people who would like to share their situation. We will forward these testimonials to the housing department. This will help them gauge the ground situation more accurately. The form can be found here
    • We will also let Lakeside and GSG know about this form so that they can do something similar from their end if they deem it appropriate
  • Social Events
    • No second in-person event this semester
    • We will look into virtual events, possibly a movie watching party or a game
  • GSG update
    • GSG meetings are happening and much of the discussion is focused on pandemic. Residents are also encouraged to join GSG’s Slack ( as well as Lawrence channel on the GSG slack
    • In the last meeting, renovations to Dillon gym were also discussed. Residents who have any concerns or suggestions are encouraged to let us or directly the GSG know
  • Roll
    • Rachel Y
    • Lina A
    • Amit H
    • Chris T
    • Kendra B
    • Richard G
    • Chadi S
    • Noam R
    • Deepen G