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September 10 Minutes

Gardening update
The summer went well. The next community event will take place around the last weekend of September. If new residents are interested in learning about the community garden, they can go to the garden’s page on the Lawrence website or contact the garden coordinator, Mauricio Loyola, at

There are issues with the carts going missing. Some have been found near Wawa and at Lakeside. Michael will see if there is a way to improve that. We are supposed to have nine carts, but it doesn’t seem like we have that many left. Celia is going to do a census.

Laundry rooms
Chris asked on behalf of multiple residents if there is a possibility to have a change machine from which we could get quarters. Michael will do some research about it. A resident mentioned that there is also the option of credit card machines where you can pay for what you need.

Richard asked if we can consider getting rid of the coins altogether. Michael will ask around regarding that as well. The laundry machines could be replaced as well. Joshua will talk with GSG to see if they could possibly help with funding in that case.

 Lawrence Yoga
We are working on scheduling the weekly yoga classes for this new semester. Amit has reached to Recreation and they have offered a slot on Mondays from 8 to 9. Residents present at the meeting approved of this time slot. Amit will confirm with Recreation what is our starting date. The classes generally take place in the building 14 common room, but two residents mentioned that the building 1 common room would be much better. Amit will look into that as well.

Fall semester social events
We would like to organize one event in late September: a campfire, with S’mores and possibly some alcohol for those who want some. This event requires a fire permit and Richard will look into that.

For Halloween, just like last year, we will set up an online sign-up system for residents who are willing to be home when the children come for trick or treating. We will put posters on the doors of each building with the names and apartment numbers so that parents know where they can knock.

A resident mentioned a boardgame night would be nice as well, and another resident mentioned pumpkin carving. Richard will look into all these options and see what we can manage with our budget.

Elections for the Lawrence Committee will take place in December. More information will be sent closer to the date.

GSG update
There were no meetings in the summer. Joshua wants to remind residents that we now have donation bins in the building 1 laundry room. There might be a need to empty them more often as they are very popular, so Joshua will look into that.

Transportation update
Alexander Road will be closed between November 6th of this year and April 2020. Transportation has plans for the shuttles using this road (PTS, 693.) For the shuttles that usually stop at the Alexander/Lawrence stop, residents will have to be mindful of where they are going to stop starting then. The Lawrence shuttle should be able to drive on Alexander Road to reach Lawrence Drive.

Transportation is working on ways to generate better feedback, for example the option of phone calls to get information on an ongoing issue. They are also working on improving the on-demand service and the general service.

Amit mentioned that it could be interesting to consider charging stations for electric cars.

Housing update
The TV in the building 1 common room has been replaced. An Apple device should be added to cast to it.

Residential composting will be set up by October 1st in the three dumpster areas of Lawrence. It won’t accept bags or napkins, only food. Housing is working on signs with clear instructions.

Organizing a talk with the Department of Public Safety to discuss safety, security, and best practices for reporting any potential bike thefts or other community concerns to DPS.
There have been attempted bicycle thefts on campus. As a result, DPS wants to talk about general safety, how to lock up the bikes, etc. The idea is for Sean Ryder from DPS to come to one of our meetings, maybe in October, or to a meeting specially organized for this occasion. We are going to work on some dates. Kevin will ask Sean Ryder where online resources can be found for people who won’t be able to attend the meeting.

Access to the Lawrence listserv
Partners of graduate students are welcome to join the Lawrence listserv. Information can be found of this page:

A resident mentioned the important number of toys, some of them broken, in the building 14 common room. She would like to organize the room and make it safer and cleaner. The committee has sent an email to residents to ask them to remove any personal belongings they might have left in that room. Michael mentioned that we might be able to purchase some storage units.

The Graduate School is sponsoring a barbecue in Lawrence on Thursday 19th from 5 pm to 7 pm. It will take place near building 14. All residents are welcome to attend.

In attendance:
Kevin F
Michael H
Joshua B
Amit H
Celia C
Chris T
Richard A. G
Mariah Prescott F
Kristin I
Noam R
Sophie D
A.J. M
Kaiwen Z
Guanhua H
Chadi S
Thomas M
Carlo R