Princeton University

Special Election Candidates 2018

Candidates for Garden Coordinator

Andrew Kim

No statement given

Mauricio Loyola

Would you like to grow some big and juicy tomatoes? Maybe fresh herbs for dinner? My name is Mauricio and I would love to give you a hand as the new garden coordinator.

I have participated in the Lawrence garden for three years, which gives me a good idea of what is needed and what I could do as coordinator to help new and returning gardeners.

Keeping the garden organized and with enough supplies will be my top priority. I will sharpen the tools, fix the hoses quickly when necessary, and check for holes in the fence regularly to avoid unexpected visits from cute but hungry bunnies. I would also like to increase the availability of supplies, including more compost, organic/safe pesticides, and some gardening tools for kids (families are welcome!). One idea I would like to try is an open calendar where gardeners traveling in the summer can ask other gardeners (or me) to take care of their plots while they are away.

I will continue the efforts from previous coordinators to promote community and social activities (with food and music!). I’m planning to have more open days, revitalize our Instagram account, and in due time, deploy a campaign to invite more residents to join the garden and enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of gardening (Who wouldn’t want a free stress-relieving therapy with nutritious 1-lb tomatoes?).

Outside the fence, I’m a third year PhD student in Architecture, originally from Chile. I live with my wife Carol and our many house plants.