Princeton University

April 10 Meeting Minutes

CSA Survey Results:

  • Based on the CSA survey 23 people are interested and 8 are willing to help; will follow up with Lakeside to discuss participation.

Garden and Special Election:

  • There are 26 slots signed up for garden. There will be a garden open house and kick-off on April 14th, including cleaning up the garden and an information session from 9am to 12pm; donuts will be provided.
  • Garden coordinator election will probably happen at the next committee meeting (May 8). Sam is in charge of the logistical procedures and more info will be sent out before the election.

Social Event:

  • Discussed ideas for the next social event this semester, options include film screening, brunch, finger painting, and ice-cream social.

Budget Reviewing:

  • Discussed the possibilities of buying new gardening tools / other common Lawrence supplies with remaining budget.

Common Room Cleanup:

  • Discussed plans to clean out Building 14 common room shelves. Removing junk and broken items (primarily electronics, videos, and the books), keeping toys and other family items.

In Attendance:

Sarah James
Emilce Santana
Sam Richter
Amitesh Datta
Ran Zhang
Ruth Dannenfelser