Princeton University

Lawrence Committee Meeting March 14th

Garden Update:

  • Information and Sign up email will be sent out this week by Sam Richter
  • Information meeting will be held after Spring Break
    • Depending on weather, the garden should be started beginning to mid April
  • Sam is also planning a Saturday morning event with donuts available for gardeners and friends

Bake off Event Planning:

  • Will be held the weekend of April 23rd, Sunday afternoon or evening
  • There will be multiple categories with prizes tbd
  • An email will be sent out 2 weeks in advance asking residents to sign up for the contest
  • There will also be a children’s activity
    • Possibly a decorate your own cookie/cupcake table
  • All baked items will be baked at home and brought to the event

Golf Course Letter Update:

  • Golf Course will be replacing the netting around the driving range
    • Which is being done regardless due to regular maintenance
  • Possible further remedies include: a sign at the golf course reminding players that there is a residence here and to be careful, or emailing all members stating the same thing.

Yoga Update:

  • Will be held every Monday and Wednesday @ 7:30pm, starting March 27th, going until June 15th
  • Will be held in Building 14 common room
  • There will be a separate email sent out with more information as well as a document to sign up for classes.

Bus Schedule issue:

  • We are sending an email to Transportation requesting more bus service from 5-7pm as residents have noticed over crowding on these buses.
    • We will await their response and let residents know.