Princeton University

October 2016 Meeting Minutes

In attendance

  • Ana Mostafavi
  • Sam Richter
  • Emilce Santana
  • Olivia Martel
  • Joey Vella
  • Julia Wittes
  • Sarah James

Car part theft

  • According to Public Safety, three catalytic converters were stolen from cars within the span of a week this month at Lawrence. We believe that the cars affected were Hondas and perhaps an Acura.
  • Security – what can be done?
    • Olivia will ask Public Safety if they will consider increasing patrols at Lawrence.
  • The University cannot cover the cost of the repair but the Grad School may be able to provide a loan to Graduate Students who are affected by this kind of theft.

Fall Social Event

  • Joey will check to see how many responses we have to our poll. We will go with the two most popular options.
  • We will decide by email on the date and begin planning.

Funding application to the Graduate School for spring programming

  • Tabled until next committee is elected

Potential purchase of carpet cleaning machine

  • A resident requested that the Lawrence committee purchase a carpet cleaning machine.
  • In the past, we had some vacuums, but it wasn’t clear where they would be kept, who would keep them, mind them, and repair them.
  • Carpet cleaners are very expensive and large; we don’t know where to store it and how we could repair it. It doesn’t seem feasible to us.
  • We do know a Lawrence resident who has a carpet shampooing attachment for his vacuum – we could perhaps put interested residents in touch.
  • Would Facilities be able to clean carpets for a fee? Olivia will ask them.


  • Held at our December meeting each year
  • We must notify the community at least one month prior to the election
  • Need an election committee of 3 Lawrence residents who will not be running in the election; they will manage the logistics of the election
    • Joey can be on the committee but we need to find two other residents.
  • If we can’t find anyone, we will advertise by email. We believe that serving on the election committee is maybe a 5-hour commitment tops, spread out over 6 weeks.


  • Our old website (which Julia doesn’t have access to and can’t edit) will be removed.


  • The new season begins in the Spring – we will be in touch with residents then.
  • Garden cleanout will happen – they are removing large plants from the summer.
  • Sam is managing the composters
    • Possibly fall leaf collection?
  • Non-gardeners who want to compost
    • New committee can discuss whether we can do this