Princeton University

September 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Joey Vella
  • Sarah James
  • Jessica Dunville
  • Ana Mostafavi
  • Jared Balaich
  • Jane Balaich
  • Olivia Martel
  • Matt King
  • Xiaoyu Tang
  • Emilce Santana
  • Julia Wittes

Lawrence Playground issues

  • One resident saw another resident letting their dog go to the bathroom in the sandbox. Facilities is replacing the sand and will put up signs at the playground indicating that pets are not permitted inside.
  • The playground by Karin court has been reported to have problems with litter; however, the University does not have jurisdiction over this playground.
  • Cigarette butts by playgrounds – Olivia will ask Chris Warkala at Facilities to look into adding more smokers’ posts and we will remind residents in our next email not to leave butts around, as kids can eat them.

Lawrence welcome BBQ, Sept 27

  • Event will be hosted by the Grad School and begins at 5:30 pm
  • The event is intended for Lawrence residents and will be catered by Business Bistro
  • Residents will be encouraged to bring towels and beach chairs
  • Committee members will arrive at ~5 pm to help set up and will also circulate and meet residents.

Social events

  • The Lawrence Committee hosts two social events each semester
  • Ideas
    • Halloween pumpkin painting (small pumpkins)
    • Halloween movie screening (ie. Young Frankenstein?)
    • Cookie decorating event (or cookies + movie)
    • Thanksgiving event – although probably not on Thanksgiving day as most Committee members will be away.
    • Game night or puzzles
  • In our monthly poll we will ask residents which events they would prefer

Application for funding for yoga classes (or other classes)

  • Do we apply now for the entire year or only for the semester? Olivia will look into it.
  • Should we do yoga or another activity that residents expressed interest in in last year’s survey?
  • If we do yoga – who will be the point person on the committee?
  • Will we do classes in the fall or only in the spring?
  • There was more interest last year than could be accommodated – we heard that it was frustrating for people to only get one class. 53 people signed up for yoga last year

University Services meeting this week – Xiaoyu will present on Lawrence

  • The meeting will include GSG Executive Board members and higher level administrators from Public Safety, Housing and Real Estate Services, the Graduate School and more.
  • Points to bring up
    • Lighting upgrades on Alexander road south of Faculty?
    • No path in Lawrence parking lot to western buildings in Lawrence (ie. Building 1); have to walk through parking lot
    • Golf balls
    • Lawrence Chat – not used much so far, but residents are happy to have it

Other miscellaneous issues

  • Laundry room has sign about clothing donation at Butler – this is out of date – we will look into having it removed
  • There seem to be two Lawrence Committee websites – Julia will look into merging sites.
  • Painting lines in Lawrence parking lots
    • Perhaps traffic cones could be used to clear spots that need to be painted
    • October might be a good time to do work?
  • We will write an email to new residents and include:
    • Info on community rooms at Lawrence
    • Let residents know we don’t have a lost and found – lost items to go Public Safety.
    • Bike info
      • Decals, registration, locks
    • How and when to contact facilities
    • How to subscribe spouse or partner to lawrence-res
    • Pets forbidden in playground

Open forum:

  • Shopping carts – used to have problems with them missing – no complaints so far this semester
    • Signs have maybe been helpful?