Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – January Meeting Minutes

The next meeting will be Feb. 15 at the common room of building #1 at 7:00 pm. 


  • Hyungwon Kim
  • Jaroslav Trnka
  • Ana Bell
  • CJ Bell
  • Jakub Szefer
  • Yavuz Ytim
  • Andra Geana
  • Daniell Rowles
  • Olivia Martel
  • Nemanja Antic

The following issues were discussed:

  1. Shopping carts are missing – Jaroslav will send a warning email to residents to encourage people to return them right away. 
  2. Daniell will set out snow shovels when it snows. 
  3. Residents who want to organize an event are encouraged to contact GSG Events Board to get funding. Lawrence Committee would focus on the events initiated by the committee or suggested to the committee by residents. 
  4. Capital improvements such as buying a ping pong table will be discussed after we hold a first event.
  5. The first regular event will be held in late March or early April. The second regular event will be held in the first week of May.  
  6. Special event was suggested by CJ Bell. “Paint the Snow” + “hot cocoa serving” event. The resident will contact the grounds manager, David Wagenblast, to determine the most eco-friendly paint/dye/coloring. Hot cocoa will be served by committee around 7~8 pm in building #14 during the event. About 70 servings of hot cocoa will be provided. 
  7. The first online co-operative music dj-ing/listening event on will be held sometime in the next 2 weeks. Ana will set up the online dj room and send out the email to the residents.
  8. Any complains about living in Lawrence, such as wi-fi connection or printer, should be forwarded or cc’ed to Olivia Martel. She would speak out with us. 
  9. Exit door in the parking level of building #1 is hard to open.