Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – February Meeting Minutes

The next meeting will be Mar. 21
Hyungwon Kim
Ana Bell
Jaroslav Trnka
Daniell Rowles
Yavus Yetim
Olivia Martel
Jason Brodsky
Jan Alegre
Andra Geana
The following issues were discussed:
1. We will send out a big email concerning “OIT Announcement” that covers:
   – We have a scanner in each computer cluster in building 1 and 14
   – If you have ANY problems with IT, including wireless connection, printing in computer cluster or any other problem in the cluster, please contact OIT via either or 258-HELP
   – If you are having problems with wireless connection in your room, please report it along with your location to OIT to make sure they are aware of the problem
   – You are NOT allowed to use a personal router. This will affect your neighbors.
2. In next meeting, we will discuss the first event of this semester.
3. We might consider installing a mechanical lock that releases carts when coins are inserted to keep the carts in designated place.
4. Next music night will be held in a weekday.
5. Ask housing department about retention.
6. Olivia Martel will be away from March 2 – 10. She will not be responsive to emails during the period.
7. We might put “signs” on recycling trash bins to make them more apparent or make signs to put up on the bulletin boards to encourage people to recycle.