Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – March Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the March 25, 2009 committee have been posted. The next meeting is scheduled for April 15, 2009 at 8:30pm.

  1. Attendance
    • Charles Lu
    • Maja Klosinska
    • Denise Kassab
    • Olivia Martel
    • Christina Hultholm
    • Sevil Cakir Kilincoglu
    • Steven Bergsieker
    • Karin McDonald
  2. Regarding upcoming events:
    • Charles stated that the cabinet doors in the communal kitchen in Building 14 are now functioning and have been locked.
    • Karin stated that the cost of the ‘International Cook-off’ event was of a total USD 279.00
    • Charles stated that the Spring Barbecue should cost approximately USD 500-600. The tentative date for the Spring barbecue is May 7th at 6pm. The tentative date for the Ice-cream social is June 11th, time is yet to be decided.
  3. Regarding requests and feedback from residents:
    • One resident suggested that Lawrence Housing have a ‘Lost and Found’. Charles will contact Superintendent Dave Young to check whether he can ‘host’ the Lost and Found and information will be posted on the Lawrence Apartments website.
    • A number of complaints were reported regarding missing vacuums. The Committee has sent emails to the Lawrence community and has posted signs requesting that vacuums be returned. The University announced that it will not be purchasing new vacuums to replace the missing ones.
    • One resident suggested that in addition to hole-punchers, the two computer clusters in the Lawrence complex should have staplers. Two staplers will be purchased and each cluster will have one stapler.
  4. Maja requested a new composter for the community garden. She will send Olivia information on the new composter and Olivia will check with Facilities whether this can be purchased by the University.
  5. Christina gave the Committee an update on the GSG meeting. New changes were made to the Shuttle service as of March 23rd. There is no longer an afternoon express service. The morning express service will run every 10 minutes until 11.30am and the Graduate College has been removed from the Express line schedule.
  6. Olivia gave the following updates from University Housing and Facilities:
    • Due to recent cut in funds, the University will not be able to replace the picnic tables and grills at the Lawrence Housing complex.
    • Facilities is currently looking into the code which forbids smoking in Housing units. One suggestion is to create a ‘Smoking’ building.
    • Housing will post pictures of empty apartment units on their website and the Lawrence Committee will include these on the Lawrence Apartment’s website.
    • Housing is looking into installing a card swipe system in laundry rooms.
    • More carts will be added to Lawrence Apartments during move-in and move-out periods.
    • There may soon be a formal request that residents place flammable liquid (lighter fluid) in a designated area of the Housing complex. Area is still to be decided. Reminder that lighter fluid in Housing units is prohibited.
    • Regarding theft of packages in the lobby of Building 1 and other buildings, Public Safety noted that the thefts are probably being carried out by tenants. It was also noted that the ‘Drop box’ is not enough to support all packages. Public Safety will conduct an investigation should any further thefts be reported. The Lawrence Committee will include information on reporting thefts of packages to Public Safety on the Lawrence Apartments website. The Committee will also post signs in the lobby of Lawrence buildings.
    • Olivia reminded the Committee of the Graduate School event at Frist on April 30th at 3pm, with a variety of desserts being served.
  7. Christina requested that the issue of black bugs (beetles) outside Building 10 be looked into. Olivia will place a work order.
  8. Denise requested that a sign be posted outside Building 1 to stop skateboarders in the area. Olivia will check with Facilities.
  9. The lock to the entrance of Community Room in Building 1 was changed without notice and residents currently have no access to the room. Charles will ask Superintendent Dave Young regarding this change.