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Lawrence Committee – April Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the April 15, 2009 committee have been posted. The next meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2009 at 8:30pm.

Minutes for April 15th, 2009 Meeting:

  1. Attendance
    • Charles Lu
    • Maja Klosinska
    • Denise Kassab
    • Olivia Martel
    • Christina Hultholm
    • Sevil Cakir Kilincoglu
    • Hilary Bergsieker (proxy for Steven Bergsieker)
    • Karin McDonald
  2. The Annual Spring BBQ at Lawrence will take place on May 7th, 6pm. Rain date is May 14th, 6pm. The Committee will request a cash advance from the University’s account as per estimated costs and receipts will be handed over once the purchase of supplies has been made.
  3. Regarding the setting up of a Lost and Found at Lawrence – Charles is discussing the matter with Matt Ferry from Facilities. A Lost and Found cannot be set up at Superintendent Dave Young’s office for liability purposes. The Committee decided to place a Lost and Found box in the computer cluster in Building 14. For valuable items, the Committee will set up an online Lost and Found through the Lawrence Apartments website, in which residents will be able to post objects found and have those who lost the items email these residents with the object’s characteristics and to arrange that the object be returned.
  4. The purchase of 2 staplers, one for each computer cluster (Building 1 and Building 14) has been approved. Charles will make the purchase and Superintendent Dave Young has agreed to provide the means to lock them down. If this does not work, Christina suggested that the Committee make paper clips available in the clusters.
  5. Regarding a new (or extra) garden composter, Olivia has received an ‘ok’ but Facilities is still to approve the purchase of a second, larger composter.
  6. A resident requested that the Committee organize a garage sale during move-out periods in the Spring/Summer.The Committee would organize a place and time and advertise the event. Tentative dates are the last week of May/first week of June, but this will be decided at the next Committee meeting.
  7. Christina gave updates on the GSG meeting: New changes to the shuttle system have been made – there is no longer a Saturday service. This decision was arrived at by the University and alternatives are currently being discussed. If students wish to voice their concerns regarding the cancellation of the saturday service, they should email GSG and cc the Committee.
  8. Christina gave updates on the Housing policy meeting:
    • Renovations for Hibben are still planned but at a smaller scale. The demolition of Butler Apartments is scheduled for 2012.
    • Results of the Housing Draw will be published at 5pm, Friday April 17th.
  9. Olivia gave the following updates:
    • Matt Ferry from Facilities has contacted the exterminator regarding the issue of beetles/black bugs in Building 10.
    • Skateboards cannot be prohibited within the Lawrence Apartments Complex.
    • Photos of empty Lawrence Apartments have been taken and will be available soon. The Committee will place these on the Lawrence Apartments website for prospective residents.
    • The card-swipe system for laundry facilities is still being looked into.
    • Regarding the emergency phone in the parking lot, Kevin Mills from the electric shop has said that it would cost USD 4,500 to acquire one. Olivia is working with Facilities in order to get one but it is not guaranteed.
    • Lighter fluids used in BBQs will likely be stored in the garden shed.
  10. Karin stated that the Lawrence Committee’s Sovereign bank account currently has a balance of USD 832.67 and that the University account has a balance of USD 963.68.

The next meeting will take place on 5/20/09 at 8:30PM in the community room at 1 Lawrence Drive.