Princeton University

Pictures of Apartments

The housing office has provided a number of pictures of empty apartments in New Lawrence, as a service for students who will be moving to New Lawrence. We have tried to categorize the pictures by type of apartment (2 bedroom, 1 bedroom, or studio) but can’t guarantee that our tags are accurate. Although the apartments are mostly standardized, there are slight differences in floorplans between the different buildings. You can click on any picture to see a larger view.

2-Bedroom Apartment Photos

The living room/dining area:

NewLawr2BdLivingRoom1.jpgSome shots of the bedrooms:

NewLawr2BdBedroom1.jpgNewLawr2BdBedroom2.jpgNewLawr2BdBedroom3.jpgThe hallway closets. Some units have a slightly different configuration of closets.


1-Bedroom Apartment Photos

The bedroom:

NewLawr1BdLivingRoom1.jpgThe living and dining area:

NewLawr1BdLivingRoom2.jpgKitchen Photos

The kitchens in the one- and two-bedroom apartments are basically the same. Some of these photos are from one-bedroom apartments, and some are from two-bedroom apartments.

NewLawr2BdKitchen1.jpgNewLawr1BdKitchen1.jpgNewLawr1BdKitchen2.jpgBathroom Photos

The bathrooms are the same in all three types of apartments. Bathrooms in some buildings (the ones with elevators) have "grab bars" for accessibility.

NewLawrBathroom1.jpgNewLawrBathroom2.jpgNewLawrBathroom3.jpgStudio Photos