Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – December Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the December 10, 2008 committee have been posted. The next meeting is scheduled for January 21, 2009 at 8:30pm.

Minutes for December 10, 2008 Meeting:

  1. Attendance:
    • Kim Tu
    • Kathryn Stoltzfus-Dueck
    • Keren Leiby
    • Ye Chen
    • Charles Lu
    • Olivia Martel
    • Maja Kolinskia
    • Steven Bergsieker
    • Hilary Bergsieker
    • Aurelien Fraisse
    • Karin McDonald
    • Denise Kassab
    • Sam Mukherji
    • Vijay Krishnamurthy
    • Sevil Cakir Kilincoglu
    • Rob Cooper
    • Christina Hultholm
  2. The Lawrence Election was held at the meeting. Before the election took place, Ben Schmidt was voted by the Lawrence committee to be the third person on the election committee since Chris Shannon was unable to make it. The vote was unanimous.

    Each candidate was given the opportunity to make a statement to the public. Although there was no time limit, due to the large number of candidates, a time limit was enforced in order to save time. After all the candidates were allowed to speak, the election took place as follows:

    • Residents were checked against a list provided by Housing to ensure they were Lawrence Residents, and were given ballots.
    • Candidates were given 3 minutes to make a statement.
    • Residents voted and turned in their ballots. Ballots were not accepted after the counting began.
    • For each position, the voters were asked to rank the candidates (#1 being most preferred). For counting, all #1s were counted. In the event of a tie, all #2 votes would have been counted.

    The final results are:

    • President
      1. Charles Lu 53
      2. Madeline Chen 21
    • Vice President
      1. Karin McDonald 33
      2. Sam Mukherji 25
      3. Aurelien Fraisse 18
    • Secretary
      1. Denise Kassab 39
      2. Hilary Bergsieker 38
    • Social Chair
      1. Sevil Cakir Kilincoglu 43
      2. Vijay Krishnamurthy 36
    • GSG Representative
      1. Christina Hultholm 70
    • Webmaster
      1. Steven Bergsieker 71
    • Garden Coordinator
      1. Maja Klosinska 40
      2. Rob Cooper 37

    After the vote, the winners and the current committee members (except Madeline) held a quick meeting discussing the logistics of the power transfer.

    The next meeting when the newly elected member will officially assume the position will be held on 1/21/09 8:30PM at Lawrence 1.