Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – August Meeting Minutes

We discussed holding elections in the coming weeks. We wrote to Tara
to have it announced on the Sept Events Calendar that we will be
accepting nominations for Treasurer until Sept 28. We also discussed
the possibility of adding a new position as GSG representative. This
person would also attend Housing Policy meetings.

Katie proposed (and has since followed up on vigorously) the idea of a
bus organized by the University to take Lawrence and Butler students
to IKEA twice in Sept. This was an idea especially aimed at helping
out the international students who arrive without furniture or a
car. The Housing dept flatly turned us down.

There will be a BBQ on Oct. 5, Thursday, at 6pm, to kick off the new
school year.

We discussed how we want to utilize our funding this year,
particularly w/r to cofunding events with the Grad School, and decided
that, since we ran a little short last year, we should keep that to a

Several golf club issues: Katie brought up the point that there needs
to be a pedestrian crosswalk where our sidewalk crosses the new road
into the club. Also, we would like to have the Univ./golf club put up
a clear sign about the hours that the gates will be open/accessibility
to the road, b/c a few people have been locked in when they were
trying to unload things from their cars into their New Lawrence apts.

Katie would like to put pictures of empty Lawrence apts on the website
to aid students in deciding where they would like to live. She has
contacted Housing about gaining access to empty apts to take the

The next meeting, after some discussion, has been moved from the usual
date to Sept 17, 8:30pm, b/c several committee members will be away
still. This will be held now in the high-rise community room, since
the tv is so often in use in the other room.

Lastly, we discussed our last sally against the machine of bureaucracy
to get back the money we lost at the end of last year b/c the
Treasurers closed out our account earlier than expected. Katie made
the last attempt since the meeting and we have basically given up the
issue as hopeless.