Princeton University

Lawrence Committee – September Meeting Minutes

From last Sunday’s meeting (9/17), these are the relevant developments:

  1. We had 3 new attendees, presumably 2 of whom want to be on the

    (didn’t catch their names)

  2. Election stuff: nominations due 9/28 to Katie’s email for Treasurer
    and Committee Rep. We’ll hold elections over Katie’s email from
    Friday 9/29 thru the following Tues. I will send a resident-wide
    email advertising more explicitly the housing perk.

  3. The issue with outgoing mail in the high-rise is ongoing. Katie is
    prepared to pester in a few weeks.

  4. We decided at this point to not pursue encouraging Zipcar to place
    a car at Lawrence apartments due to other, cheaper options.

  5. We discussed the placement of grills around the complex, in
    response to Dave Young’s email. We decided on keeping the ones b/w
    Bldgs 10/11; putting another couple of grills behind Bldg 14, and by
    the playground (?), and perhaps getting rid of the old tables under
    the trees by the high-rise and having 2 grills and 2 nice tables.

  6. For Tara’s beginning of the year event, which occurred last night,
    we provided desserts worth about $120.

  7. For our own event, on Oct. 5th at 6pm, we have divided the labor
    thusly: Me: buns, chips, hotdogs, burgers, charcoal, lighter fluid,
    sodas, paper supplies, plasticware, cups. Katie: alcohol Tamas:
    advertisement posters

    We are hoping to pull this event off for $300.

  8. Our next meeting is still up in the air b/c we are trying to
    accomodate a visit from Patty Smith.