Princeton University

Garden Guidelines

  • TOOLS need to be returned to the shed when you are done using them, and lock the shed. The lock combination can be obtained from Maja. Please be very mindful about this, our tools seem to be rusting faster than they should be.
  • WATER should be turned off at the spigot when you are done working. Do not leave sprinklers on for more than 1/2 hour at a time. Also, DO NOT leave sprinklers running all night; it wastes water and causes pooling in the plots adjacent to yours.
  • USE of the garden out of gardening season for gardening-like activities is just fine, but EVERYTHING must be returned to the shed when you are done. Hoses must be drained and tools must remain free of dirt for the off-season.
  • Please compost in the composter only. For more information, see the Composter page (Non-gardeners can also feel free to contribute to the composter!
  • Do not go barefoot in the garden; there are bits of metal, plastic and glass in many places.
  • Unsupervised children should not be in the garden.
  • The use of chemical pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers is discouraged. Please use organics as much as possible.
  • Mark anything you do not want disturbed, such as fencing material, with your NAME and the DATE.
  • Close the garden gates to keep out the deer. They frequent the general area each day.

MOST TOOLS ARE PROVIDED! Hoes, rakes, spades, trowels, forks, big hammers shovels, etc. and a wheelbarrow were provided for everyone to use. There are three water hydrants with hoses along the fence. Watering wands (like shower heads) were also available.

MULCH IS PROVIDED! Leaf mold and pine bark are provided by the university, and left in two big piles inside the main gate. The compost produced in the community composter is available first-come, first-serve.

A BIG GARBAGE CAN IS PROVIDED! Please do not leave seedling pots, drink cans, plastic wrap, etc. in the plots. Also, as you garden, if you find such materials, please help out by throwing them away.

WHAT IS NOT PROVIDED? Fence material, fence posts, plant stakes, plants, seeds, fertilizer.

Questions? Comments? Contact the Lawrence Committee.